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Yesteryears Pub & Grill

9427 W Greenfield
West Allis

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Detail for Yesteryears Pub & Grill : Sports

This is the most terrible place you could possibly go in West Allis - and that's saying something. The staff is rude and unprofessional. They charge entirely too much for drinks and what's worse is their drink prices change as the night goes on! Something starts at $6 - then the next time it's $6.50 - then the next time it's $7. Don't open a bar tab there - they'll run your card for $50 'just to make sure' you have enough money on it... what bar does that? And they don't even tell you they're going to. What they also don't tell you is that they have a $20 minimum on a bar tab which is not posted anywhere. The staff was so rude about this - bar manager told me he could run my card for $20 or I could go to the ATM and get out $20. When I asked him if he would refund the $2 his ATM just charged me because his staff didn't tell me about the minimum he said 'We

West Allis , Yesteryears Pub and Grill

don't do that' and plucked the $20 out of my hand to settle my bill. I will never ever ever ever go back there and I recommend you do the same.
- Furious, 04/26/2011

We were just there, had a great time, can't wait to go back. They had great music huge dance floor and everyone was friendly and cheerful! - anonymous, 08/04/2010

Appears to cater to a dangerously unpatriotic and disgustingly uneducated clientele who probably, altho I do not know, reflect the mindset of management. - buck sanders, 05/20/2010

If you're a T-bagger, you'll fit right in. Best known for burning in effigy the President of the USA. - Anonymous, 05/21/2010

The employees don't stay there because the owner is a bitch - anonymous, 04/04/2009

Very feel like a complete outsider there. If you're not into NASCAR or part of this click crowd, I would not recomend this for you. Poor service, which explains why the staff turns over and over and over. It may be a cycle. - anonymous, 02/11/2009

The best place to go with a group and they had a hall for our party of 100 and we weren't in a basement. the place is huge, you can several parties in this place and not be in anyones space. They had great live music and lots to do. the food is great too. They have a website to - My 35th Birthday Party, 02/24/2009

I invite everyone, from every where to join us in the fun we have everyday. We have Golden Tee 2008, Buck Hunter, 3 Pool tables, 3 Dart boards, Pinball, Plsama Tv's, Internet Juke Box, Free Wi Fi. Karaokee, Live Music, D.J.'s. Hunger "THE GRILL IS ALWAYS OPEN". Some of the best Char broiled sandwiches you will ever eat. Ladies night on Wed with drinks for $1.00 and Tarot Card Readings. Thursday Bike Night with Poker Runs, Tues Karaokee. Ladies we make you feel comfortable and Safe. - Karen Schoenfeld, 07/31/2008

Darts, pool, and the such. Go here with a crowd to enjoy the atmosphere. A nice casual place to take someone for a going away party. Good prices on domestic pitchers. - G W Hodges, 03/13/1999

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