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Apple Holler Restaurant & Showplace

5006 S Sylvania
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i was very pleased with your food and cider and tasted your wines i am perticulurly interested in your chery wine. i went to your place fore brunch on the weekend as mi kid had just graduated from naval boot camp we enjoyde your place greatlie and returned again on sunday just before i came back to california. im interested in nowing if you can ship a case of your chery wine. - Dan C, 02/04/2004

Very disappointed with Apple Holler. 18 of us all from different areas of Illinois and Wisconsin went to the Thanksgiving Buffet in 2008. 16 of us ended up ill. When a call was placed to the establishment, they stated that no one else reported a problem and they seemed that they could care less and where not interested in following up. Things happen that are sometimes out of the control of the establishment, but the customer service skills of this establishment leaves allot to be desired. - Glen, 02/27/2009

I am not impressed with Apple Holler - First off, they do not have enough help to handle the amount of people that are visiting the site. 2nd, the people that are behind the counters are not customer friendly. For example, I wanted a dozen of the sugar apple donuts displayed on a sheetpan in the counter. The gentleman pushed a plastic container holding 12 donuts at me and said here. I looked at him and went to the back of the store, took a number and made the same request to the lady. She did the same thing. Ok - if I want the donuts in the no recyclable container, I would of bought them. I wanted the donuts from the sheet pan displayed. She was annoyed that I made her get me a dozen of those donuts. Actually she put them into a bag which hold the apples which are in the refrigeration units at the store. Oh ya, have you heard of the bakers dozen, 13. I got exactly 12. My other complaint is that the weekend of Sept 16 we bought a peck of apples for around $11 dollars, we went back on the 23rd for the same apples and the cost had increased by more than $2 dollars. Ok, I realize that you have a ton of people coming from Illinois that will pay anything just to pay, but come on. I will in the future I will make the trip to West Allis Farmers Market and buy from the apple orchard located in Cedarburg. I did notice that your internet site stated "prices subject to change without notice". That is a good sales practice and a rip. - Patron, 09/25/2007

I was glad to hear that they will continue the Mystery Shows at Apple Holler this fall and next spring. We will definitely go! - Nestor Munish, 08/18/2003

Apple Holler is a wonderful place to go to, I highly recomend it to anyone interested in visiting a highly enjoyable time! Everything we had on our visit was wonderful. Everything from the wine and cheeses tasting (we had MORE THAN ONE sample of wine) to the dinner. It was all wonderful and very enjoyable. I highly recomend it to all of you readers out there!! - n/a, 09/05/2003

While I agree with your comments (the portions are small and the wine and cheese tasting is a joke), Apple Holler is currently hosting interactive murder mystery shows that are really well done. I highly recommend the show! The actors were fantastic and the jokes were quick and witty. Someone at my table turned out to be the murderer and that was fun. So, while Apple Holler has a long way to go with the 'Farm Cookin' and needs to sell better wines, they have really made a mark with these shows. - Lester Nagel, 03/03/2003

This is from a letter we wrote about visiting Apple Holler I recently returned from a 2-day Tri-State bus trip to Wisconsin. While most parts of the trip were delightful, I was VERY DISAPPOINTED in the “Apple Holler” portion of the trip. This visit was highly promoted in your itinerary and was one of the main reasons I booked this trip. We were scheduled to spend from mid-afternoon to late evening at “Apple Holler”. Due to rain, the Hay Wagon Ride thru the 50-acre apple orchard had to be cancelled. Instead, we left the hotel around 6:15 to go to “Apple Holler” for scheduled “shopping in the Country Gift Store & Bakery, Wine & Cheese samples, a delicious Full-Course Meal, and a musical comedy revue or play.” The Country Gift Store & Bakery was a small area with very limited items to purchase and became very crowded when our busload of 51 arrived. The Bakery was almost completely empty. The wine selection was also very limited. We were scheduled to begin dinner at 7:00. The wine and cheese samples consisted of a platter of one type of cheese, cut into triangles, with two different types of crackers. The cheese appeared to be your every day variety of mild cheddar. The wine sample was your choice of ONE of three wines and a non-alcoholic beverage. I have never been to a wine tasting where I could only taste ONE wine. This was billed in your itinerary as “sample UNIQUE and fruity Wisconsin wines with an assortment of tasty local cheeses”. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Little did I know that this was just the beginning of an evening filled with false advertising. Our meal began with bread, a garden salad, and a choice of two types of dressings. One was a ranch type and the other appeared to be the house dressing – celery seed. It was very good and several of us immediately went out to the “Country Gift Store” to purchase it. We were told they were out of it. I wasn’t surprised. We then sat for almost a half hour without receiving any further food. This was due in part because there was ONE waitress for the entire dining room. There were other customers besides our bus trip in the dining room. When the food did start being served, it was by the one waitress bringing out 3 to 4 plates at a time. As you can guess, by the time our table was served, the other tables were completely finished and because the plates were already made up, they did not arrive very hot. This meal was also advertised as a “delicious, Full-Course Meal, which often consisted of turkey or chicken with all the trimmings.” When my plate was finally delivered, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It consisted of a piece of some type of meat which had been cut in half to make it look like two portions, with a gravy poured over it. The rest of the items appeared to be served by a small ice cream scoop. There was a small scoop of potatoes, dressing, sweet potato casserole and carrots. “Apple Holler” also advertises on their billboards “Farm cooking”. I interpreted this to mean “adequate portions, served family style”…. bowls of food for the entire table to be passed around. How wrong I was! If this was “Farm cooking”, Wisconsin farmers must be very thin indeed. We also waited up to half an hour to receive our coffee, which should have been served with the meal. Next came the advertised “musical comedy revue or play. Apple Holler features fine theatrical events.” This turned out to be Allen Sherman’s “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah”. Four college students who had multiple roles performed it. While they did an acceptable job, again this did not appear to be as billed. During the intermission, apple pie and cinnamon ice cream were promised. Obviously, no one was to full from supper to partake of the dessert. When it came, another disappointment. One waitress again served it and the portion appeared to be half of a very small slice of pie. It was not even a complete piece of pie. I saw they advertise this “dinner package” at Apple Holler for $29.00!!!! UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!! It was barely worth $9.00!!! We were a scheduled bus trip. Why did they not have adequate help, food, bakery, dressing, wine, cheese, and apples?????? There were also no apples to purchase at “Apple Holler”. The apples they had were small and unappealing. No one out of the entire bus trip purchased any and we made an unscheduled stop at another orchard the next day to purchase apples to take home. In contrast, the “Belle of the Lake” luncheon cruise on Lake Geneva was VERY enjoyable!! We were seated to a BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS plate of fruit and the rest of the meal was very delicious and had normal size portions. The narration was very interesting and thoroughly enjoyable. We also enjoyed our visit to the O & H Danish Bakery. The Danish Kringle samples were generous and plentiful. The Marketplace was a great place to shop. Quite a contrast, to Apple Holler (where I didn’t purchase a thing) to this Bakery where I purchased quite a few items. We have already decided that we will go back to Lake Geneva and to the Danish Bakery but we will NEVER recommend Apple Holler. I feel we were really taken. We were a threesome and I paid $540 for the entire trip. I know there were many complaints on the bus about Apple Holler. I feel we were cheated and this was VERY false advertising. The bus driver and tour guide did a very good job. I liked that they rotated the seats and took turns letting sides of the bus get off first. However, I don’t think I will be traveling with Tri-State in the future. It’s too much money to spend on a trip, which you book, based on the advertising of the itinerary. I guess it’s really true when they say “If it sounds too good to be true….it usually is!” - Diana Dale, Mike Dale, & Joe Repko, 10/10/2001

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