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Aqua (closed)

916 E State
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Detail for Aqua (closed) : Restaurant, Seafood / Lounge

A South Beach-esque dining room paves the way to fine fusion dishes served in an elegant yet inviting environment. Menu items focus on entrees of seafood and steak. Aqua is open for dinner; lounge open later into the evening. - Alotta, 09/23/2009

This was the worst dining experience I have had in a long time. We went to this restaurant on February 16th and should have been suspicious when there were only two other tables occupied on a Saturday night. Our martinis came right away but when we decided that we needed appetizers with them, we had to wait for 30 minutes before our waiter reappeared. Since there were only 3 other tables occupied in the restaurant, there was no excuse. When our waiter finally made an appearance he did so only to apologize that he would be right back because he first had to deliver room service to a hotel guest! 15 minutes later he reappeared and we felt we better order everything in case he didn't show again. We ordered appetizers to go with our martinis that we

Milwaukee , Aqua

now almost gone and I ordered a glass of Savignon Blanc. Our salads appeared before the appetizers and my wine, which looked and tasted strangely like a Chardonney, arrived long after the appetizers were finished. No matter, the entrees were still 30 minutes away and I needed to order a second glass of wine to drink with my meal. Although my guest's meal was excellent, mine was mediocre and in addition I found a metal shaving in mine. I of course stopped eating at this time. At that point our waiter again reappeared and smacked his head and said, "I forgot your wine!" We becamed concerned about our waiter's memory loss because by that time we were his only table in the restaurant! We pointed out the metal shaving and asked to see the manager. We were then informed that the restaurant had no manager! (no kidding) I was then served my glass on Savignon Blanc (yes he got it right this time) and our waiter did take off the drinks and my dinner. However, I would not take the risk of going to this restaurant again!
- M Leonhardt, 02/24/2008

Music is sub par at best. No energy in the music,same old play list. I wish they would try some diffrent music it would help out the place. - Local, 06/02/2005

I must say that after giving this place not only a few chances, more like 15-20, I can't find one good quality about this cursed establishment. Food: still up and down to the point it can't make up it's mind. And is still less than mediocre. Ugly music. That said, I hereby put in my resignation to move on to bigger, better, and a little more maturity. I hope all will follow my lead. The only other thing I can bring to thought is what a sad, sad joke of a waste of money and my time. - local critic, 02/10/2005

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