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Black Kettle

8660 N 107th

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Detail for Black Kettle : Restaurant, American / Steaks

Features a Williamsburg atmosphere, Serves: seafood, steaks, desserts. Lunch: Mon-Fri: 11:30a.m.-2p.m. Dinner: Sun-Thurs: 5p.m.-9p.m. Fri-Sat: 5p.m-10p.m. Fri: fish fry Accepts: M.V.A. & Reservations - sys, 12/26/1999


I took my neighbor their for the Prime Rib, He said what I knew for years,"Best Prime he has ever had" - jimmel, 11/11/2010

this place can suck my ball's. gross food wicth took almost 45 mins to get after the soup. a little old lady and she was very loud. i was able to hear her when she was in the kitchen. - billy, 10/06/2009

What a wonderful dining experience my husdand, in-laws and I had at The Black Kettle. The comfortable feeling in the homey atmosphere was what set this restaurant apart from so many others. Just a lovely feel to the place. Service & the food was exceptional! We'll definetly return again and will tells others of this "GEM"! - toni, 10/22/2009

Two years ago I always took clients and guest to the Black Kettle. I went there last night 4-21-09 at 5:30 PM with a guest and

Milwaukee , Black Kettle

co-worker. The only good thing that I could say was the ribs where very good. The famous French onion soup was terrible, the shrimp was raw. That is correct it was raw. The salad looked like the bottom of the barrel left overís. The list goes on. I do not know what happened there but I can honestly say I will not return. It is too bad that this once great restaurant has gone down hill like this. Like I said, this was one of my favorite places to go. After reading the other reviews I see that I am not alone. When I left, I asked for no deduction for the food as they never offered it, I left a ten dollar tip for a 107.00 meal and walked out the door never to return. There are much better places to go for good food with better pricing. Good luck to the Black Kettle as they will not be open very long. It is so sad to see what this place has become.
- JGB123, 04/25/2009

My wife and i went

Milwaukee , Black Kettle

for valentines day and had a horrible experience. I ordered the $30 steak oscar and got a butterflied fillet that was tuff and overcooked. i sent back and waited another 20 mintues and they brought back another butterflied steak that was raw in the middle. Steakds are usually butterflied to hide a cheap cut of meat which this was. No manager every came to the table and we left mad. i still paid for the meal but in hind sight I wish I had not. Waitress was very inexperienced. This steak would have not even made the grade at ponderosa. Will never go back.
- Clark Blachly, 02/16/2009

My friend and I went for dinner at the Black Kettle. We had a wonderful evening. Dee, the bartender and owner, was very friendly and made us feel very welcome. We had an appetizer of the bacon wrapped chestnuts, which were very good. We both ordered steaks and they were cooked just right. A really nice evening. A great place to sit and chat with my long time friend and catch up over a nice dinner with friendly wait staff. Thanks Donna and Dee for making it a nice evening. - Janet, 01/05/2008

Lovingly remember the black kettle...back in about 1966 or thereabouts. The pepper steak dinner[served in a small metal pot] was mouth watering, coupled with i believe French Rokafort[sp] salad dressing..and vodka gimlet w/ roses unsweetned limejuice, was a great way to end the day of work w/ friends. Three of us used to visit certainly once a week, and would flip for the dinner bill, "odd man buys"..had one of our group thinking he was unblessed, as he always seemed to pay... Then, 3 pepper steaks plus drinks amounted to about $20, including tip... Sadly, Lohman has died, but Beaty and Luepke carry on. We were all GTC's, graduate trainees at Allis Chalmers, West Allis,,we thought GTC stood for "Good Time Charlies"...oh the beauty of good memories..the meals..J Beaty -, 12/14/2007

Very lovely old fashion Supper Club! Why didn't someone tell me about this place 1o years ago when we moved to Bayside? Friendly and very well trained servers, that have been around the Black Kettle for years. (our server said she's been at the "Kettle" for 29 years and the owner was the chef for 25 years before she took it over years ago and she still makes all the soups, sauces & dressing by herself) The owner was at the bar and is extremely friendly and made us feel like best friends for years, What a comfortable place to spend an evening! - Amelia Revue, 09/30/2007

I love this restaurant! The bar is comfortable and the atmosphere is great. The food is prepared to perfection! Also, the garden room is beautifully decorated. Dont try the ribs. - SP, 01/02/2006

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