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Brothers Bar and Grill

1213 N Water

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Detail for Brothers Bar and Grill : Restaurant, Bar / American

The door guys really suck!!! A friend, my sister, and I went down to Brothers. I have been knowing my friend for only about 16 years. She was of age, and had her own ID. When hading the door guy her ID, he told her that it wasn't her and tried to keep her ID! He only gave it back to her when she threatened to flag the police about the issue. (They were at the bar next door). His partner told him to give it back. We then went to Mcgillicuddy's, and they rocked! - Mochahotass, 11/13/2009

Dear Brothers - Thank you for one of the worst experiences I've ever had on a New Years Eve. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have left your crappy bar and went somewhere fun to actually enjoy my night. I appreciate it. - Jason, 01/01/2009

Yo Derek, Obviously you must not hate Brothers that much if your there enough to know the music they play well enough to know what songs are about to come up. I'm suprise they let you in! "D-Bags not

Milwaukee , Brothers Bar and Grill

allowed should be on there dress code! Sorry... you would never be let in. P.S. Never diss one of the most popular Marquette bars around for we will crush you!! Go MU Eagles!!
- Derek-Sucks, 07/22/2008

My friends and I have been going to Brothers for about a year now, its pretty much the only place we'll go on Water street. I have nothing but good memories. I don't usual write on these things but after reading the previous post I had to let people know the truth. The bouncers that work there are always polite to us. In fact, one of my guy friends lost his wallet on a Saturday night so we told the bouncer working upstairs that he lost it. He said that they do all the cleaning at night so if they find it he will give us a call. No joke... the bouncer called at 3:00am and said they found it under one of the tables when they were sweeping. We drove down to Brothers (since we were still up :)) and he met us at the door at 3:30 in the morning!! My friend had almost $70 in his wallet and it was all still there! So if anyone from there reads these things...Thank you! Brothers is one of the nicest places downtown. Just a note, Thursday's are a great night to go there, Its usually pretty busy with good specials ($2 martinis)!! - Karly Severson, 07/16/2008

This place would be cool if it wasn't for the worst staff in the city. Yeah some of the girls are hot, but the door guys are by far the worst and most arrogant door guys in the city. Whoever the owner or manager is should take a class on hiring. Music is top 40, and if you go more than one night you can predict what song is next, must play a cd or something. Regular Water Street crowd that blows, and is younger than 21. Probably won't be going again. - Derek, 04/06/2008

I've had nothing but good times at Brothers. I have been going there for about 6 months now since I moved back to Milwaukee. There patio rocks but you have to get there early on the weekends if you wanna get a corner table. Just a little FYI. - Jess Wieland, 07/12/2007

Brothers. Well the certainly have picked the wrong name for this place. Intstead of Brothers, a more fitting choice would have been xxxholes. The bouncers and bartenders are both ridiculously arrogant. The drinks poured are weak at best. The bar is cool and usually has many people gathered inside, however the conduct of most employees is much less then hospitable. - Shawn, 05/15/2007

Brothers is the absolute bomb. The people that go there a tight as all hell, and the peeps are just fly mugs. What an atmosphere of bomb music and hottie girls. Brothers man. - UWMMug, 04/15/2007

It was pretty Good, I got LAID. That means this place is a THUMBS UP - D-Dog, 04/05/2007

I'm pretty new to the bar scene, but I've gone to most of the bars on Water Street, and NOTHING compares to Brothers! From the first moment I stepped foot in there, the service was top notch, the people were very nice, and the atomosphere was exciting and relaxing at the same time. From the bartenders, to the bouncers, everyone there is really cool. I've been there about roughly ten times now, and I absolutely love it. Consider it the #1 Bar on Water Street! - Jon W., 03/18/2007

My favorite bar on Water St. They have the nicest bartenders in Milwaukee. Not to mention all the guys are HOT!! - Stacy P., 01/18/2007

I love this bar! I get nothing but great service when I go here. It's not like the other bars on Water St. I would recommend Brothers to everyone. GO UWM PANTHERS!!! - Jenny H, 11/01/2006

Brothers is an AWESOME bar! It gets busy, but the bartenders do a great job of keeping people happy. This is not a trashy Water street bar, and has been cleaned up very much inside since taking over the previous bar! I would recommend Brothers to anyone! - #1 customer, 08/05/2006

The place to be for mid-early 20s/college scene! Great drink specials, sweet dance floor, hot staff, and girls dancing on the bar! - anonymous, 11/06/2005

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