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Calderone Club

842 N Old World 3rd St

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Detail for Calderone Club : Restaurant, Italian

Open for over 30 years, this bistro-style dining establishment serves hand-made pasta, pizza (delivery available), steaks, seafood, and daily specials. Enjoy microbrews, imports, or something from the wine list. - alotta, 07/10/2000

Open Mon - Thurs 11 am - 3 pm, 5 pm - 11 pm; Sat 4 pm - 11 pm; Sun 12 pm - 9 pm. Prices range from $9.95 - $16.95. Enjoy award-winning Italian cuisine such as hand-made pasta, pizza, seafood, steaks, and daily specials, as well as an extensive beer and wine list. Eat in the bistro-style dining room, or have it delivered to your home. - alotta, 07/10/2002

Stay away from this place. We were charged $19.00 for a chicken sandwich and when I complained I was ignored. The server was embarassed and suggested that I not tip her. clearly she was uncomfortable. the food was fair but I will never go back and I encourage others to avoid it as well. - drlaugh, 10/23/2010

Perhaps the rudest service I have ever experienced. I had pizza, which was completely excellent, however have never experienced such rude service. I sat at the

Milwaukee , Calderone Club

bar, and while eating, a waiter came up to the bartender and asked the bartender for a replacement glass of wine, as customer had a problem with original glass. Bartender told the waiter he would not do this, and told him to just take the glass back and tell the customer it was from a new bottle. Waiter was uncomfortable but did it anyway. I later asked for a refill, and when found out they were not free, I mentioned in a very nice way that not many nicer restaurants charge diners for refills, and his reply was - "I gues you have never eaten anywhere other than McDonalds". I simply asked for my check, and told him I did not want to sit in this restaurant any longer. I have never met such an arrogant and rude bartender. What a shame, as the food was good.
- Michael, 10/12/2009

The main guy Gino is a walking sexual harrassment lawsuit waiting to happen. The POS makes moves on all of his waitresses and places them in a very hostile work environment should they not please his wishes. I saw the man once challenge a customer on the street in front of the restaurant, acting as if he ran the town...I feel sorry for any patron that visits...and even sorrier for the employees who must deal w/ this man's unethical ways. STAY AWAY! EVERYONE! - Offended, 11/30/2008

The food was excellent, and will eat there again. The waiter and waitress were extremely friendly and helpful. 2 complaints: we had a reservation for 6, 2 of us arrived early, they made us stand and wait before seating us until all 6 had arrived - even though the restaurant was empty. The second complaint is that the music is so loud, that you had to shout to speak with the person next to you. But the food made up for it all. - mlctabofknow, 06/20/2008

we wanted a good pizza last night so I went to the web and pulled up Milwaukees best pizza 2007. we wanted Lisas but went to Calderone Club instead. what a mistake!!! the service was horrible. first my wife ordered a diet coke and it was brought out and it was not diet. second I ordered a korbel and sweet with no ice and got a whiskey sour with ice. mind you that all this took 15 min to get our drinks. us and another table were the only ones in the place. anyway I had to take my drink back to the bar. and make my own!!!! the bartender had no clue how to make this simple drink. he brought out a shaker and a martini glass and asked, how do you make this? I said just pour some korbel in a glass with some 7up. unreal. I went back to the table and waited and waited and waited for our pizza. I must say the pizza wasn't bad but it shouldn't be on any top 10 list by no means. any way I don't think we are going back anytime soon. I can deal worth ok food but I cant deal with bad service and 20 to 30 year old not so smart wait staff. - someone who knows pizza, 12/10/2007

Based on a recommendation, I visited Calderone on a recent visit to Milwaukee. Since I was alone and wanted to catch a ball game on tv, I called ahead to make sure they had a bar area and a tv. The person who answered the phone confirmed that the restaurant had a bar area and that it wouldn't be a problem to watch the game on the tv at the bar. Well, once at the restaurant, I asked my server three times to please change the channel to the ballgame. I didn't think it would be a problem since I was the only one at the bar besides a couple of gentleman playing cards at a bar table next to me. However, the server said she had mentioned it to the bartender who had the remote but didn't know why he couldn't change it. I figured it was probably because he was busy chatting it up and telling dirty jokes to a patron at the bar who appeared to be a local. FINALLY, after I had finished my meal and was paying my bill, I overheard the bartender say, what are we watching, and he changes the channel to ESPN to the ballgame. What terrible customer service, I'm sorry he couldn't take himself away from his conversation to comply with a simple request. Despite this, I have to be fair and say that my actual meal was excellent. Great Food, Horrible Service. - Sox Fan, 07/19/2006

Hearing good things about the Calderone Club, last night (Wed, Jun 14), my wife and I dropped by for dinner at 6 p.m. We did not have a reservation. As we were waiting to be seated, we noted an abundance of 4-top tables, empty. Soonn our host came over and told us that there would be a wait of 45 minutes to an hour, unless we wanted to eat at the bar, because 'all of the 2-tops are taken'. Hmmm...Wednesday night, bunches of empty 4-tops, and refusing to seat us. Having been dining out alot for about 35 years now, that has NEVER happened before. Obviously, I could understand if there were reservations for those tables, but that was not the case. We said 'No thanks', and went elsewhere, where, even though there were 2-tops available, they seated us at a 4-top! We had a wonderful evening, and will be back in July with reservations for 4. - Beppe, 06/15/2006

We ran across this place on a trip to Milwaukee and thought it was one of the best restaurants we've ever seen. Our meal was excellent--homemade pasta and the service was very friendly. - HHall, 10/28/2005

Calderone Club is one of the best dining experiences I've had in Milwaukee if not the best. The food is fantastic, the service is top notch, and the wine selection is lined up perfectly with the menu selections. The waitstaff is very knowledgeable when it comes to the wine selections. I've had nothing but great food and service since discovering this gem last year. We make it a point when staying in Milwaukee to have dinner there. - Frank, 11/08/2004

the week of january 19th had lunch 2 days in a row. The Italian sausage was glorious. Great staff, place to to. Next Milwaukee trip will surely feast again. - skip acw, 01/30/2004

On a recent trip to Milwaukee, looking for some authentic Italian food and a place to rest my weary bones. I was directed to the Calderone Club. Let me say, this had to be the #1 place in town. The food was exceptional, and the prices are very moderate - I would expect much higher for such a cuisine. The service was very pleasureable, as the bartender (owner) was quite a character. I do recomend if in the area, do stop by. You will surely enjoy yourself. - D. Bosworth, 10/01/2002

I went here for dinner last night, let me say that it has been redone and more modernized since this photo was taken. Yet still the inside is nothing to write home about. The food was alright but too expensive. After i spent close to $100 for dinner for two people, my date and i were waiting inside by the door for our taxi to arive pick us up (It is Janurary and very cold out) someone came out of the kitchen, i am asumming the manager, even though he was dressed like the cook, came up to us very rudly and asked us to leave. Treating us like we were from off the streets. After i said that we were waiting for a taxi he said he didnt care and directed us to walk down the block to get a taxi. I AM NEVER GOING HERE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! - Mike D, 01/19/2002

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