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Carvetti's of Lake Geneva

642 W Main St.
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Detail for Carvetti's of Lake Geneva : Restaurant, American

WOW!!! Nice job on the remodel and the place is funtastic. - Kristin C, 04/06/2005

We were really impressed with the whole Cheers look of Carvetti's and the outside patio is great for meeting people. Place was just packed on Friday and Saturday night and it made for some real fun with all those people. Bouncers or security guys are HOT!!! - Sandy M., 08/16/2005

This is a classic Chicago style dance club with Chicago DJ's a light show like no others in the area, great party atmosphere but the real BOMB is the outdoor beer garden its got to be 5,ooo square feet with a sand volleyball court and Bambbo bars. This place is the best place to party and meet people in Lake Geneva. Weekends there are usually 300-400 people in this place so theres always plenty of people to meet and dance with. This is the club everyones been talking about in town and in Chicago. - Sammie C, 09/06/2005

Carvetti's was a blast!!! we did our bachelor & bachelorette parties there and had the best time. Beer pong, heated patios, great dance floor, cool bars outside, fire pit.............wish we could come back every year.............sorry moved to New York but we'll be back!!!!!!!!!!! - Donna & Matt, 10/20/2008

Wow..... we had the best time. This place is a blast. DJ Bad Mix rocks and the staff there are so much fun. I can't wait for Fridays beach party. - Carrie, 03/26/2006

Had a blast this summer at Carvetti's. You guys are the best thing in a long time. The bouncers are hot and the owners arent bad either, hi Dan. Can't wait for your Halloween bash this year. I am definitely winning the trip this year. - Sarah, 10/21/2005

My girlfriends and I had a blast celebrating a girls night out. This place is so much fun and the owner is so nice as well as hot. Thanks for the shots Dan. See ya again very soon. - cathy, 09/21/2005

That chicken panini sandwich is very good we tried to make it at home with the same ingredients and just not the same we'll be back for it again. Wife had the Surf and turf and was excellent as well. very romantic setting on the water there. - Jack in Chicago, 08/26/2005

This place should not be in Wisconsin its like a Chicago or New York night club with a West coast flair. We had a great time there especially with the hip hop DJ & way too cool dance floor light and fog show. - Charlie D, 08/24/2005

Got a great dance floor & light show with fog machines. But the outside beer garden is where its at Lotsa talent on both sides of the bar. Best looking bartenders in Wisconsin. - Paul Z., 07/21/2005

Thank you for having our party the Luau was a huge success and everyone had a great time. Carvetti you guys are the best!! - Sandy & Mark, 07/21/2005

This place is by far the best in Lake Geneva. That beer garden is outrageous!! Sand Volleyball, Bean bags toss and the bamboo bars are just awesome. We love it and we'll be back everytime we are in Lake Geneva!!! Best of all all 3 of our kids ate for under $6. Nice menu great food. - Tony, 07/21/2005

The Beer Garden of all Beer Gardens. Move over Champs and Hogs your time is just about done. Its about time somebody came into our town and did us right - Jack, 06/10/2005

This bar is awesome. The girls are hott and the dance floor is the bomb. And get this a VIP lounge in Lake Geneva. Who would of thought. Can't to see the beer garden - Pete, 05/12/2005

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