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Detail for Casablanca : Restaurant, Middle Eastern

Casablanca is the best Middle Eastern food in the Milwaukee area. It is a very comfortable but upscale decor for a Middle Eastern restaurant. I find the falafel the best there is, the exterior has a nice crispy shell, the texture is wonderful it really compliments the chick peas inside. The quantity and quality of food you get is a great value for the price. Management and staff there are very accommodating. I'm a very finicky eater and every time they accommodate my requests. Casablanca is a great restaurant I would highly recommend it to everyone I know. - Anon, 05/25/2006

Im addicted!!! Best Middle Eastern food in town. Weekend baked lamb special is fabulous! Outstanding Sunday Brunch. (They also had lamb on the brunch)Everything is so fresh & tasty. - sam, 07/26/2006

Very seldom do I find a restaurant that meets all my expectations... great food, comfortable atmosphere & excellent service. I go every week for the vegetarian lunch buffet & each time I go I leave satisfied. I am truly addicted to this place! - Vegan, 05/30/2006

5/15/06 It all began with a reservation for two at 7 PM and we were kept waiting 15 minutes. Loving Mediterranean food and having eaten in many falafel/lamb/shawarma restaurants around the country the ambience of this place promised good food. But we were wrong. They were out of the roasted lamb, but not lamb shishkabobs or the falafel/hummus plate. Preceded by an ordinary small salad the dinners were disappointing. The kabob plate had two skewers of bland kabobs with a pile of no-taste saffron rice sprinkled with a little parsley, the vegetarian dish with falafel so overdone and the exterior so hard it had to be chopped apart with a knife, the amount of hummus small without much flavor, the pita bread thin and cold made us wonder what we had wandered into. For dessert the baklava was tiny with very dry layers of filo with an almost invisible dab of honey (not the large nut and honey filled delicacy it should be), the honey cake was tiny and dry. The service was terrible. Before we were half way through eating the waitress wanted us to order dessert, inisisted on bringing the dessert menu, we said not now, yet she inisisted on us ordering. We complained to the manager and to the waitress that we felt we were being rushed, the manager comped our terrible desserts. But it certainly did not make up for our unpleasant dining experience. At $12.95 for the bland, small plate of lamb shishkabobs and $11.95 for the vegetarian plate we expected a larger flavorful variety of these usually wonderful dishes. My advice is stay away - spend your dining money elsewhere. - Sue, 05/15/2006

Casablanca is the place to be for food fun & live entertainment... me and my girls have a blast there every time! - helwia, 12/14/2005

casablanca is the best there food is great and the service makes you feel like your at home..... - lucky irish, 11/27/2005

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