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China Gourmet

117 E Wells St
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Detail for China Gourmet : Restaurant, Chinese

This award-winning establishment features a daily business lunch buffet, as well as Friday and Saturday dinner buffets with crab legs, Peking duck, shrimp, fish, chicken, beef, and more. Full menu ($7-$29) available at all times. Enjoy a drink at the bar! China Gourmet Restaurant is open Sun-Thurs 11:30 am-9:30 pm, Fri 11:30 am-10:30 pm, Sat 5 pm-10:30 pm. - Alotta, 02/27/2007

I have been going to the Sunday Brunch at China Gourmet for the last 10 years. We have eaten at many chinese restaurants and have always had a good experience, very good food, helpful waiters and a cheerful greeting from the owner and his wife. My wife and I are not novices to discerning what makes up a decent meal and service and we have never had a bad experience over the years. Our children are now ranging in age from 11 to 15 years and demand to go to the Sunday Brunch. We travel about 20 miles and are fans. The price is very reasonable, the food varied and plentiful and fresh and never ever of poor quality.

Milwaukee , China Gourmet

The owner doesn't know us but always is friendly and helpful. A great restaurant!
- Dan Ball, 01/05/2007

I work downtown not too far from that place, so sometimes I have to go there for a quick lunch and I do know a lot about this establishment. Their lunch buffet selections have not changed in about the dozen years or so they've been around. The owners are usually rude. I once asked about the size difference for a particular rice dish (I asked her how much more rice was the larger size). She looked back at me in a disgusting manner and said: '$2.50'. They also refuse (in their lunch buffet) to use white pieces of chicken meat (they only use dark pieces). So I asked the owner as to why? He replied: 'Are you kidding? It's a lot more expensive!' I also noticed that they did not treat their help respectfully; they go through waiters like crazy. But hey, who am I to judge them, they've been in business for so long, they must be doing something right. - Sam W, 12/28/2005

We just received the worst service during lunch today at China Gourmet. The waitress seated us and I immediately ordered wonton soup (I was not interested in the buffet and I thought she would be back quickly so I could order a regular meal). Time started going by - she wasn't coming back. Since she never offered us any water or asked if we wanted anything to drink - we finally had to pour our own water from the workstation. She didn't come back for almost 20 MINUTES and then wanted to take my order (somehow forgetting that I already ordered soup). My friends were already eating from the buffet and I knew it would take too long at this point to order something else so I just asked for my soup AGAIN. After a few trips to the buffet my friends were just about done with their meals when the waitress finally served my soup. To make the entire experience complete - the soup had no flavor. It tasted more like water with a bit of grease in it. I tried to tell the owner about it when I had to go ask him for the check but he didn't seem concerned. He just told her to give us the bill - no apology for the lack of service. - Monica, 8/10/05, 08/10/2005

I am writing this to let everyone know what a aweful experience my family had with China Gourmet. We ordered a variety of typical chinese dishes and became extremely sick from this food. When I approached the owner he said 'I'm not giving away free food' and only apologized after I asked for one. I did not want a refund. I wanted to let him know how bad the food made us feel. Never would recommend to anybody. - Cathy, 02/08/2005

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