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Dancing Ganesha

1692 N Van Buren St
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Detail for Dancing Ganesha : Restaurant, Indian

A contemporary American decor gives way to authentic Indian cuisine. Seasonings and spices add flavor to dishes ranging from samosas to pork vindaloo. Dancing Ganesha is open for lunch Mon-Thurs 11 am-2 pm; dinner served Mon-Thurs 5 pm-10 pm, Fri-Ssat 5 pm-10:30 pm, Sun 5 pm-9 pm. - Alotta, 03/09/2007

At first, we thought we were in for a real treat. The waitstaff is simply first-rate: courteous, helpful, and pleasantly attentive. The appetizers were quite a departure from typical Indian fare, I would go as far to say that the samosas were quite possibly the best I had ever had, (that is until I ate at another Indian place). The pakoras on the other hand looked much better than they tasted, mind you, they did look amazing. However, there was one problem with the appetizers--the price. You really do not feel that you got what you paid for. I guess this was a little foreshadowing for the meal to come. I ordered the Vegan Thali and my sister ordered the Vegetable Jahl Frezi. Straight to the point--the dinner was awful.

Milwaukee , Dancing Ganesha

The Vegan Thali was supposed to be a sample platter of Indian cuisine, but it was basically little portions of a bunch of things that tasted like a bad idea of how Indian food was supposed to taste. My sister's meal was somewhat better, not much but at least hers looked like something that was gonna taste great. Looks can be deceiving. You ever want to meet that certain someone? You finally get a chance. Then they open their mouth and you wonder what the hell you could have been thinking? That was how she described her meal. We went to Subway after we ate at the Dancing Ganesha, to fill our under-filled bellies and to wash the taste of the swill they served us. Overall, the food was bad, the portions were small, but hey, at least it was over-priced, but hey the service was great. So what more can you ask for? Our meal cost well over fifty bucks, The bottom line--for service that is just as good and where you can get a much better, bigger, a hell of a lot cheaper meal, go to Maharaja or Tandoor House. They will treat you right, fill you up, and you don't have to pay extra for the chutney.
- Todd Southern, 08/12/2003

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