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Don Quijote

704 S 2nd

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Detail for Don Quijote : Restaurant, Spanish

A charming, casual atmosphere plays host to Milwaukee's only Spanish restaurant. Enjoy tapas and wine at the bar, or sit in the dining area for a full meal. Recommended are the solomillo cabrales, pulpo vinaigrette, and gazpacho, all served by a friendly waitstaff. Live flamenco guitar for no cover charge on Wednesdays. - sys, 11/09/2002

Don Quijote is now number one on my list of worse dining experiences in the city of Milwaukee. Tonight was my boyfriend's golden birthday (26 years young), and I wanted us to both experience something new. I had heard a little bit about Don Quijote and wanted to try it. We both love ethnic food and are always looking for a quaint, new (to us) restaurant to frequent. I am a bar manager, having now been in the service industry for almost 10 years and he has worked in the same sporatically. We started with a beer (which was in a can) and a glass of Sangria (the best part of the experience). We ordered four Tapas, mine the mussels and then the shrimp dish and his the garlic dip and chicken dish. I let the server know that we wanted to keep a menu because we were hungry and wanted to look it over again. The dip came out with bread and was a good start. I had my hopes up...Then my mussels came out--cold. So I asked them to heat them up. They came back unchewable. The chicken and shrimp Tapas came out right after. The chicken was fine but the shrimp was like chewing a piece of rubber. I didn't eat any of the dish and when the server came back 15 minutes later, I asked her to take it away. She asked what was wrong and I said what I thought. Her reply (with an attitude usually paired with a hand on the hip),"well, that's a first." I answered, she took it away and I asked for the check knowing that if I ordered anything else it would either be horrible or have the cook's spit in it. 10 minutes later I recieved the check and just as I thought, I was charged for the unedible food. I asked for change and as quick as the slowly waitress could, I got it and left. This is where the story gets ugly. Five minutes passed and my blood was still boiling. I called the restaurant and asked for either the manager or the owner and, of course, she was the one who answered. This is how the conversation went... Me: "I just left your restaurant and I just wanted to let you know that it was one of the worse dining experiences I've--" Owner: "I don't care, I don't care." CLICK It's good to know that a small restaurant owner cares about their business and returning customers in such a small and fickle city such as Milwaukee. I've lived here for 8 years and you can guarantee everyone I meet will hear about my horrible experience. - tabbanikki, 07/27/2007

They moved to 704 S Second Street, Milwaukee It is a great location!!!! - Vanessa, 09/21/2004

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