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425 E Wells St
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Detail for Flannery's : Restaurant, Bar / American

Enjoy the friendly atmosphere of a traditional Irish pub while sipping on a pint of Guinness Stout, one of many Wisconsin-made beers, or a wine from around the world. Delicious food available from 11:30 am - 10 pm. - alotta, 07/17/2000

. Food served 11:30 am - 10 pm. Enjoy tasty lunches, dinners and homemade soups in the friendly atmosphere of an authentic Irish pub. Wisconsin-made beers available, as well as fresh pints of Guinness Stout. - alotta, 07/10/2002

What other bar would put up with those hockey players?! 'Sheila, give me some Nickelback.' Flannery's is EXTRA ORDINARY! Lots a love goes out to Metro!!!! - Trina and Erin, 04/10/2003

Shelia and Jimbo! What more is there to ask for? Sunday nights baby. - anonymous, 03/27/2003

The bartenders and staff at Flannery's are the best. Hand's down Milwaukee's best bar! Excellent food as well. - meetz2, 03/11/2003

I was so impressed when I first entered your business and found the staff so friendly. I will be at your pub on Thursday Feb.27,2003 for lunch. I am from Illinois and I love Milwaukee. - Garry Kennedy, 02/25/2003

If you manage to make it into the sardine can, you'll find

Milwaukee , Flannery's

that the employees are rude. They act like the customer is lucky to be in the place and they'll serve you as they see fit. Yet, they're unwilling to take accountability for their behavior. Don't bother.
- anonymous, 01/01/2003

I really like the people who work there! They are very friendly and make the dining experience all the more enjoyable. The food is great! - Dr. V, 12/18/2002

Awesome Sunday omelette buffet. Cheap and tasty bloodies. None of that pre-made crap. Five tv's to watch any sporting event you want. It's a great place to go on Sundays. Other weekend nights are a little crowded. - Sophie, 02/07/2002

Excellent Sunday Bloody Mary's. Their even better when their sexy bartender Jason makes them. Great food and crowd. - Out of Towner, 02/06/2002

One hell of a Christmas party. New bartender 'Tammy' A joy to behold!!! - A regular!!, 12/12/2001

The absolute worst gin and tonic I have ever had I will never ever go the again for a drink period - anonymous, 06/16/2001

Flannery's should be called 'Come in once... and you'll never com back again'! That's the feeling you get once the rude employees kick you around and for what... average

Milwaukee , Flannery's

bar food, over priced stale beer, and a male bartender that's butt-ugly and makes it seem you're bothering him for a beer. With all the places in Milwaukee think twice before you go to Flannery's.
- Sports Fan, 06/07/2001

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