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Karl Ratzsch's

320 E Mason Street
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Detail for Karl Ratzsch's : Restaurant, German

RatingRatingRatingRating     Rating: 4 planets.
     Excellent selection of German fare, try the sauerbraten
           - ace999 .. May 12, 2012 04:35:30

A German decor adds to the ambience at the city's favorite German and Continental restaurant. Favorites include schnitzels, sauerbraten, lamb shank, and roast goose. Steaks and vegetarian entrees available. Piano entertainment Fridays and Saturdays; special early dining menu offered Mon-Fri. - Alotta, 03/09/2007

I am the daughter of Karl Ratzsch III-- thank you all so much for your kind comments they mean a lot to the family and i hope you continue to visit - anonymous, 09/15/2003

We miss you being open on Sunday. We live out of town and loved the Sunday morning brunch. - ladyjaacoba, 08/16/2003

george from west palm beach, florida. sauerbraten and potatos are the best - jtgolf@aol, 01/18/2003

this place is a wonderful family place.i hope its around for a long time after this. - olivia ratzsch, 12/31/2002

its wonderful.the food is great and the aria is so cozy and beautiful the way nana ratzsch's things are scatered about.and i that love the people there are so nice.ratzsch's is an a+ place. - sophie ratzsch, 03/19/2003

Many romantic nights at Karl's place back in 1974-75. Great food, especially the salad with hot bacon dressing. I, too remember the trio of violinists, particularly

Milwaukee , Karl Ratzsch's

the older lady. Anyway, I haven't escaped Texas and haven't been back up that way since early 1975. Glad to hear it's still there. Maybe some day.....until then, enjoy the great food and atmosphere folks.
- Chris Christiansen, 06/03/2002

Hey! I took Jack Williams advise. Karl Ratzsch is the best! Thanks! I loved the food. I miss John Ernst and wish the place would come back. But Karl Ratzsch that God is still here. This place allows you to live out your roots!! Wunderbar!!! - Max Lerner, 02/26/2002

Karl Ratzsch Restaurant takes you back to a time when Milwaukee was almost completely like a German City. I can just imagine the old BierMeisters sitting around and enjoying some of the best German food in the Mid-West. It's amazing that according to the U.S. Census Bureau 60 million Americans claim German Ancestry making Germans the largest ethnic group in America. You would think that their would be more places like Karl Ratzsch's Restaurant to cater to this enormus population, but their isn't. That's why I recommend that every one in the Milwaukee Area take advantage of having this

Milwaukee , Karl Ratzsch's

amazing German Restaurant near by and go and enjoy yourself as much as possible. Ein Prosit!!!
- Jack Williams, Pennsylvania, 12/04/2001

i used to live in milwaukee and karl ratzsch's was my favorite restaurant - the sauerbraten cannot be beat - i am planning a pilgrimage in the near future from pensacola, fl back to this my favorite restaurant in the world!! - phil gambrell, 05/30/2001

My wife and I went to Karl Ratzsch's on our honeymoon in 1972 and have been back there several times since. The most wonderful thing about this restaurant besides the first class food and service, is the fact that neither of these things has changed in the thirty years we have been going there. The one thing I miss though is the stringed trio that used to make the diners feel as though they were playing especially for them. - chuck mcintyre, 04/25/2001

I went to Germany a few years ago and had the idea that NOW I would finally find German food that compares to Karl Ratzsches. Wow! Was I dissolutioned! I have come to the conclusion that there is no finer German food to be found anywhere! I was raised on German style

Milwaukee , Karl Ratzsch's

food and although I don't live in Wisconsin, but I have made it a point to somehow get to Milwaukee and have dinner at Karl Ratzsches at least once a year for the last 18 years! I am often disappointed when I try other German restaurants, but not once have I been disappointed there!
- David Bruchel, 04/13/1999

Karl Ratzsch's , Milwaukee

Karl Ratzsch's , Milwaukee

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