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La Fuente

625 S 5th St

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Detail for La Fuente : Restaurant, Mexican

Rating     Rating: 1 planets.
     Avoid Waukesha location! Service was terrible, food was average at best. Went at 7:45 on a Friday night - no waiting for table, just for drinks, service, bill & anything else that required an employee or any form of customer service. There were plenty of employees there, unfortunately only 1 of them seemed to be working & the others were clearly put out when you interrupted their drinking at the bar to get any kind of service. Take the time & hassle to drive downtown or to Tosa & hunt for parking. Waukesha location should be an embarassment to the La Fuente name.
           - 'Rita Lover .. Jun 02, 2012 15:16:41

A fun atmosphere makes this a popular place for a couple of cervazas. Modestly priced dishes keeps this place full, with choices such as enchiladas, tacos, and burritos. Also available is camaron a la diabla for those wanting a little extra spice in their food, and the shrimp soup is a decent choice.

We sampled the tamales stuffed with chicken mole (the signature dish) .. they were fantastic.

Margaritas are excellent - on the rocks, salt on the rim. - sys, 08/30/2009

Enjoy award-winning Mexican food amidst old Mexican pictures and murals, sounds of Mariachi music, and a festive atmosphere. Outdoor dining, Mexican beer, and delicious margaritas available. - alotta, 07/10/2000

Enjoy award-winning food in an authentic and festive Mexican ambience complete with a lovely patio, old Mexican murals and pictures and Mariachi music. - alotta, 07/10/2002

SERVICE FEE on the bill! Three of us dined with a bill of about $52, and then we noticed the $7 SERVICE FEE which we were told was for the "bus boys."!!! The steak tacos were like shards of overcooked meat, which tasted like days old meat.

Milwaukee , La Fuente

The La Fuente Special was supposed to come with guacamole, instead we were charged $2.10. Chairs were like cafeteria chairs, which didn't seem to fit for the high prices. Go to a better, more reasonable place without a service charge like Botanas, Swayz, Cempazuchi, Hector's, etc.
- curiousliving07, 11/07/2010

This is my favorite Mexican restaurant in the Great Lakes area!!! My friends and I love La Fuente and I love the #7 combo. You can't go wrong with their margaritas, chips, and salsa. A great place to meet a big group or go on a sassy date! - Rebecca, 12/04/2003

Great food!!! Best I've had - Jim V, 09/30/2003

the people that work there are great . thanks to everyone especially our server erika - mark, 07/20/2003

I must say from the time I have spent in Milwaukee, this mexican restaurant is one of the finest and most populated places in the area. - Joaquin J.Echeverry, 08/14/2002

One of the best and most popular mexican places in town located in the revitalized Walkers Point area on 5th. Be prepared to wait for a table but it is worth it and the margarita's are very intoxicating. - scott, 05/24/2000

La Fuente , Milwaukee

La Fuente , Milwaukee

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