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Leon's Frozen Custard Stand

3131 S 27th St

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Detail for Leon's Frozen Custard Stand : Restaurant, Custard / Ice Cream

Leon's had been a legend in my family for many years. My father, LTC. Gene W. Mader wrote a review in 2007 that you can still read here. His sister, Margo still talks about Leon's, as well. They frequented Leon's way back in the 40's. I've never been there myself, but wanted to let Leon's know that their greatest fan, LTC. Gene Mader passed away in February, 2011. He's my Dad, and did not give praise easily. Pat yourselves on the back, Leon's! My Dad is probably wandering around there right now...if you feel a gentle pat on your back and no one is there--that's my Dad! - Mitch Mader, 03/15/2011


IMHO the best item is the hot fudge super sundae. The custard is also great. I always stop in when I'm in town. I lived on Leon's hot dogs for about 2 years during my stay nearby at Pulaski HS. Proper order is 'a dog with the

Milwaukee , Leon's Frozen Custard Stand

works' which gets translated into 'one works'. Service is super fast but numerous lines form on hot summer nights.
- Mike B, 08/27/2007

I attended Pulaski High, Class of '49. I probably ate half of my lunches at Leon's during the late '40's. Now, some 60 years later, I still hold their hot dogs as the standard to judge all others against. I've had Nathan's at Coney Island as well as many others all over the country and world. Leon's were always the very best. I believe they were 10 cents each at the time, so I'd have two plus a custard cone for lunch. If I ever get back that way, I'll stop in again. - Gene W. Mader, 04/20/2007

My father brought us here all the time when we were children. They had the BEST spanish burgers, orange soda and ice cream. Those were all my favorites. I found this on the internet, I can't believe your still in business. Actually, I am not surprized. You are the best! When I go to Milwaukee again, I will be there! - Denise, 10/26/2006

This place looks really cool. I saw it on the Food Channel about 2 weeks ago and my boyfriend and I were wondering if you have a car show at all. He has a restored 67 Chevelle and would really like to drive it up there. If you do have one please post up the dates. - Candace, Chicago IL., 03/26/2003

my grandparents used to bring us for frozen custard 35 years ago. i was telling all at work about how great the custard was & then sawit on food tv will drive up soon - lori p, 07/16/2001

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