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Louise's Trattoria

801 N Jefferson
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Detail for Louise's Trattoria : Restaurant, Italian

Lunch Daily: 11:00a.m.-5;00p.m. Dinner Daily: 5:00p.m.-11;00p.m. Accepts: M.V.A.D. - sys, 12/26/1999

Enjoy traditional Italian dishes with a dash of California creativity. Choose from specialty pizzas, fresh pastas, focaccia, and pastries served up in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. - alotta, 07/10/2000

An Italian-Fusion menu includes Italy's finest with creative California cooking techniques. Fresh pastas, signature pizzas and a variety of breads are available. Menu is also available for carry-out and delivery. Open daily at 11 am. - Alotta, 09/08/2003

THE WORST DINING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!! I had a few friends in from out of town and I suggested that we go to dinner at Louise's Trattoria. It was a Saturday night so I made a reservation for 7:00 p.m. My fiance and I arrive at the restaurant at 6:55 and check in with the hostess "Megan." She tells me that our table will be ready "in 5 minutes." Five minutes pass, Ten minutes pass, Fifteen minutes pass and Megan again says "the table will be ready in 5 minutes." Twenty minutes pass, twenty five minutes pass and again Megan says "5 more minutes." We are standing

Milwaukee , Louise's Trattoria

in a crowded area next to the door that keeps opening and closing on a 30 degree night. It is now 7:30 and I go up to the Hostess "Megan" and ask if our table is ready. She says that it is and I ask why it took us until 7:30 to be seated when our reservation was for 7:00 p.m.? This is literally Megan's response, "I actually saw that the other two members of your party just arrived so you weren't waiting," in the most sarcastic and condescending way. I respond "We aren't able to be seated and order an appetizer until all of our party is here?" Megan's response, "You can be seated but you haven't been waiting so don't lie about it." Mind you it is 7:30 when I had a 7:00 p.m. reservation and the hostess has now in front of several other customers called me a liar. I ask to speak with the hostess Megan's manager and she responds in the rudest possible tone, "I am the manager, if you have a problem you can speak with me." At this point I am speechless as I can't believe a business could be run like this. I say "You are being unbelievably rude to me." She doesn't respond, so I guess I can't speak with her, turns around and walks away to our table. She just drops the menus on the table and begins to walk away and I asked her for her name which again, in the rudest possible tone, she responds "Megan," and walked back to the hostess table. I consider myself a very patient customer and I rarely if ever will complain about the service I receive but this was the rudest encounter I have ever experienced. I will never return to Louise's Trattoria and I have since told everyone who will listen about this experience. I can't believe the owner would allow someone to speak with customers this way and I really get the feeling that I'm not the only customer Megan has offended. If you are looking for somewhere to go in Downtown Milwaukee, be sure to avoid Louise's and Megan, the "hostess from hell."
- Milwaukee food critic, 10/15/2009

My absolute favorite restaurant in Milwaukee. As a poor college kid, I can say everything's reasonably priced and the mushroom asparagus ravioli is AMAZING. My boyfriend and I like to go around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. It's not terribly busy then, so service is fast and really friendly. - anonymous, 12/10/2006

Louise's food is good but their service makes me never want to step foot in the restaurant ever again. My companion and I went to the downtown Louise's for lunch today and were seated immediately. It wasn't as busy as it usually fact, there were a lot of open tables. We had been sitting there for about five minutes, ready to order, but a server hadn't come with their signature bread and oil or any waters. I looked around and realized that people who were seated after us already had their drinks and their bread, while we were sitting with only our menus on our table. Finally, after a few glares at the servers from my companion, a server approached us and took our orders. She came back with our bread and drinks a little while later. The meal was I said, the food is good. The trouble started again when our bill came. I had a gift certificate. The server took the g.c. and after at least five minutes of waiting for her to return, my companion and I started looking around from our table to see where she was. Finally, my companion saw her with a manager. She was having trouble with the g.c. I told my companion that she should really come over and apologize for taking so long. She eventually did. The 'best' of this story is when the manager came to our table to return our receipt. He didn't say a word. He took the bill and waved it from my companion to me, I took it from him and he walked away. The manager didn't say 'sorry for the wait,' 'thank you' or even 'here's your bill.' Who does that as a manager? Overall, the terrible service and atrocious manners of the downtown Louise's employees has turned me against their restaurant. I will never go there again! - LJ, 09/15/2004

Excellent dishes and deserts, and the service is above par. - Kit, 02/20/2003

By far the best pizza in the world - Paul, 11/14/2002

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