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1037 N Old World 3rd St
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Detail for Mader's : Restaurant, German

A great traditional German eatery! A diecor of medieval steins, glassware, wood carvings, and weaponry set the stage for a menu including sauerbraten, goulash, the reuben sandwich, pork platter, and combination plates. Recommended appetizer: the cheese encrusted onion soup and the pumpernickel bread. Childrens menu available. Service is excellent. Good selection of Spaten brews. Gift shop on premises. Free parking available. Maders is open Mon-Thurs 11:30 am-9 pm, Fri-Sat 11:30 am-10 pm, Sun brunch 10:30 am-2 pm. - Alotta, 03/09/2007

Das Essen ist gut, indess erinnert es nur bruchstueckweise an deutsche Kueche heutzutage. In Deutschland isst man wirklich nicht mehr so. Wer will schon 3 Kilo bei einem Abendessen zunehmen. Mader's sollte seine deutsche Kueche ins 21te Jahrhundert bringen. - Pat, 03/29/2005

On our first visit to Milwaukee last week we very much enjoyed our dining experience at Mader's. Great food - Great atmosphere - Great service. Our waitress was most helpful and very friendly. I would definitely return when we return to Milwaukee. - Linda Williamson, 07/21/2003

Had expected more of Mader's!!! Was thrilled that Mader's was offering vegetarian choices at Germanfest. Selected a twice baked

Milwaukee , Mader's

potato for $4.00. Received the smallest half potato I've seen in a long time with 4 small flowerets of broccoli. If that potato were mashed it would have measured about a 1/3 of a cup. Very little value for $4.00 and needless to say, very disappointed with Mader's.
- Audrey Wolter, 07/30/2001

The last visit I made to Mader's was a disaster. We were overlooked by the hostess for our reservation and then after a 2 1/2 hour wait seated by the kitchen door. I have been going to Maders since the fifties but will no longer frequent the establishment. - C Rothwell Houston Texas, 05/25/2001

Great German food! I'm always impressed when I go here, a Milwaukee tradition. - Scott, 05/24/2000

One fine German-American restaurant! Love both the food and the decor. Prices have risen beyond my wallet capacity, however. Why? When you get sensible in this regard, I shall return. -, 04/10/1999

Great food. Would highly recommend!!! - Nancy Smego, 11/21/1998

Last time here I was disappointed by the waiter. Very unfriendly. Nevertheless, me and my two children have our annual Christmas blow-out here at Maders. Wonderful Lunch. - Karl Nennig, 11/30/1998

Mader's , Milwaukee

Mader's , Milwaukee

Mader's , Milwaukee

Mader's , Milwaukee

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