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Meglio's Pizzeria

1888 N Humboldt

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Detail for Meglio's Pizzeria : Restaurant, Pizza

Correct address is now listed on Humboldt .. thanks Meglio's - lori, 03/03/2008

Catering only? WTF is that? Who runs this place? Fail. - MU Warrior, 03/23/2011

Based on some of these responses, its no wonder this place is/has been closed the last two months. To bad, when they first opened, it seemed destined to set the Milwaukee area pizza-bar higher. Reading the below article, one would suspect they'll never reopen the 'retail' side. What kind of ownership would shut its business to faithful customers, only to continue to cater, and expect those customers to come back? - OneBuck, 03/05/2011

The pizza is all right, but not that great, and the staff? Let's just say that opportunity for improvement is knocking- no, banging- on the door of Meglio. I ordered a 20 dollar pizza and they delivered one with the wrong toppings. Couldn't even eat it, due to an allergy to one of the toppings. The girl on the phone had the nerve to tell me that I was wrong, that's what I ordered. After an argument, she said they'd re-deliver another one. They never did!

Milwaukee , Meglio's Pizzeria

And when I called later that night to see why, she said the manager refused to do it, that what I got was what I ordered. I want my 20 bucks back! But I'll have to settle for telling everyone to visit Zaffiro's instead, for better pizza and much better quality service. Meglio clearly doesn't place much value on their customers.
- CharlieRussell, 10/27/2010

I ordered a pie for the first time tonight. I was completely disappointed on all fronts. The pie was late, 20 minutes later than I was told, and therefor cold. The toppings were wrong. And when I called and asked for a owner, of course 'they weren't in.' I asked to speak with a manager, and I got a 'uh, they're not here.' Quickly after that, I was asked to hold a second, and someone else answered the phone claiming to be a 'assistant manager.' I asked that either a second pie be delivered (and I'd give them the original, sans the half piece eaten.) I was told no. Suffice to say, never again. I submit this comment suggesting you stay away from this establishment. - Park Layfayetter, 07/25/2010

I have to agree with a few of these responses. I moved to NY in the winter of 2008, and had tried this place on the recomendation of the GoodLife owner(s.) I've since moved back to Milwaukee, and revisted Meglio this past friday. It's definately NOT the same place. - slowcooka, 02/21/2010

I ordered pizza and a caprese salad for delivery from this restaurant at 1888 N Humboldt in Milwaukee on 7/26. The manager (he told me he was the manager) delivered the food. First, the price on the credit card slip was $2 more than the price calculated by the web site because the manager had not used the coupon on the web site (free garlic bread with pizza) - the manager told me that he was unfamiliar with the coupon - his own coupon on his own site!!!???!!!??? He said several other people had complained of this that night !!!???!!!??? and wasn't that odd. He offered to refund the $2 back at the business if "I really wanted it"???!!!??? I made sure that no tip was written on the credit card receipt - he could have the $2 if "he really wanted it". Second. the 14" thin crust pizza was delivered with a very soggy crust - it was in no way crisp. Third, the caprese salad was delivered without basil, and in a small container that consisted of one small sliced tomato and one small sliced fresh mozzarella ball - this was very over-priced at 6.45. This was too bad, because I really like caprese salad. Fourth, the garlic bread was stale with hardly any flavor and very dry (and should have been free (I had to pay $3.95 for it). On the whole, my experience with this establishment was bad and I will not be back and I will tell anyone that I can about my experience. And I am really angry about the attitude of the management with my money. - splatt, 10/09/2009

I love their pie!!!!!! I go during the day and the cook there is always nice even if she's busy. It's nice to get what I want on a slice instead of having to eat some crappy ass piece that has been sitting under a heat lamp for who knows how long. Great traditional pizza so far as I'm concerned and I love the triple bake, reminds me of a place I used to go in Chicago but better sauce here. - Eastsider, 09/24/2009

Another johnny come lately. Great out of the blocks, but after a year or so.....blah. Try Toppers, Pizza Man, or Zaffiros. - Weatherly09, 06/22/2009

This place hasn't been the same since they first opened in '07. At first their triple backs were awesome. We used to order from work quite a bit, but not the last year or so. I tried again after summerfest last week, and although the delivery was good/fast, the pies aren't the same. The sauce is definately different. Oh well. - TheGiantRooster, 07/06/2009


I ordered a "triple baked" thick crust pizza to go (and was quoted the correct price), but when my wife showed up to pick it up, she got a thin crust pizza instead AND was told that there was no real difference between the two (the thin crust pizza would have cost several dollars less). Bottom line, I think that the staff messed up our order and then dreamed up a story to cheat us out of the difference. - Alan, 08/22/2008

Looked like a fantastic new addition to the Milwaukee (eastside) pizza scene. They seemed to be really be onto good things when they first opened. A little over a year later, the pie doesn't taste like it did. What happened? - DJ, 08/03/2008

Hey Guys, Not sure what you're talking about in terms of not enjoying Meglio's pizza. Actually, I visit MKE a number of times a year, and with each visit have to get my Meglio Fix. Having lived in both NYC and Washington DC I can only say that you guys at Meglio have cornerned the market on truly GREAT PIZZA....KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. - VICTORIA R, 07/14/2008

>>.....probably 3 people in it at the most at any one time for over a year back in the day. Oh and it was taxed. Kind of like Meglio pizza up the road on Kane and Humboldt; put a restaurant in the base of a condo building and suddenly it's okay to charge $20 for a 14" paper thin crust pizza with ingredients no fancier than what you'd find at Zaffiros but nowhere near as good. Say what you will for urban gentrification, but not everyone on the east side is wealthy and not everyone ever will be....Posted by: yo boy<< - yo boy, 05/26/2008

Meglio's is chronic...not sure what these other reviewers are talking about but every Meglio's experience i've had has been an excellent one. Always made orders for delivery but everyone from the person answering the phones to the delivery person is sooo friendly! They give Lisa's pizza on Oakland Ave a run for there money. Highly recommending the triple baked pies! - zach, 04/12/2008

Eh. I ordered their 16" deluxe and 2liter soda to go: just under $25! Toppings were kind of sparse too. I suggest trying Pizza Man on North Ave. - Deiner, 03/18/2008

Did this place change ownership in the last few months? My first experience was last summer - really enjoyed it. Stopped in last week and the pie wasn't the same: doughy and undercooked, skimpy on toppings, and it seemed more expensive. :( - Courtney, 03/04/2008

Over-priced! Would someone please tell them to change the music! - Freedumb Wings, 02/27/2008

I dined here when they opened in June 2007, and visited about 4 or 5 times thru January 2008. My last visit, I was surprised to hear the original headchef was gone! Much to my dismay, the pizza I ordered (their 'Triple Bake') wasn't nearly as good (or the same for that matter) as the first few times I had it. - FChieslik, 02/17/2008

Enjoyed lunch at Meglio's. Nice people. - Eric from Waukesha, 02/18/2008

What fantastic pizza we had at this place. This is now our #1 best pizza joint! It may be a bit pricey but the large pizza are huge with lots of toppings and the crust is out of this world. I would recommend this place to anyone!!! - Sheri, 01/28/2008

A+ highly recommended pastas and pies sandwhiches are great too, if your in a rush, my advice is to call in advanced, as everything is made to order. if your not in a rush, 25 bottled beers and 9 different wines pass the wait time well too! - JuniorBridgemanRocked, 12/01/2007

Delicious! I've been to Meglio numerous times now, and I cannot say enough about how great of an addition to the local pizza industry they are! - Tommy Gunn, 11/03/2007

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