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Metro Bar & Cafe

411 E Mason St
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This restaurant at Milwaukee's newest luxury hotel lives up to its billing with delicious food and relatively moderate pricing. Try the tea-smoked duck breast over a salad for lunch, or dinner entrees (up to $27) that include fresh seafood and certified Angus beef. Outdoor seating available in warmer months. Metro Bar and Grill is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner; weekend brunch menu offered. - Alotta, 02/28/2007

Yesterday,March 8, I had lunch with 2 of my friends at the Cafe Metro. i have eaten there many times before and yesterday must have been an off day for the kitchen. I had the salmon special and the sides were good but the salmon was very overcooked. Both my friends said the chicken pasta special was tasteless.After lunch I ordered tea and was asked-regular?. I had to ask for the menu of your wonderful teas.Had this been a first visit. We may not have returned. I hope we have better luck next time. You have too special a place to let it slip. - pat g, 03/09/2006

2-12-05 I Was told on Wednesday when I

Milwaukee , Metro Bar and Cafe

made the reservation the Hawaiian fresh sea food night was on Saturdays. To our surprise there was a special menu for Valentine's Day. Our reason for eating here was for the Hawaiin fish. Our table was way in the back where you felt you were in an isolated area. We felt like we were dining in the closet. The hostess did offer us another location however it was unappealing due to smoking and traffic pattern. When I asked about a seating area in the center aganist the window she said it was reserved. Ms. Hostess was rather huffy about the fact that I would ask for a different table. How odd that a paying customer would like to request a table one would be pleased with. My waitress brought me my martini without a tray and sat it on my table dripping all over the base and stem of the glass. I had to ask her to wipe it dry. I had the crab cakes as an appetizer. They were burned on the outside. My entree was the sea

Milwaukee , Metro Bar and Cafe

bass with a double baked potatoe. It was fair. My husband had the ostrich which he said was overdone with peppercorns. He rated his dinner fair at best. The cost for the entrees was approximately $26 each, which was way to expensive for the lack of creativity and taste. My dessert was the sponge cake which was very moist and delicious. My tea was not served with lemon which I had to ask for. The waitress brought the lemon to me on a napkin with a tooth pick stuck in it. George Webb's? I would give my dining experience, the table location, food and service a fair or less. Would we go back? Only for desert.
- Karen Gruba, 02/12/2005

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