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A unique perspective
on Tokyo, Japan
is just a click away!


Milwaukee Restaurants     [ E ]

Eagan's on WaterAmerican/Seafood1030 N Water St414-271-6900Milwaukee
East GardenChinese3600 N Oakland Ave414-962-7460Milwaukee
Ed Debevic's (closed)American780 N JeffersonclosedMilwaukee
Ed Debevic's (closed)Airport5300 S Howell AveclosedMilwaukee
Eddie Martini'sSeafood8612 N Water St414-771-6680Milwaukee
Eddy's PlaceAmerican1943 N Farwell Ave414-271-9801Milwaukee
Edwardo's Natural PizzaPizza10845 W Bluemound414-771-7770Milwaukee
Edwardo's Natural Pizza(closed)Pizza700 E KilbournclosedMilwaukee
EE-Sane Thai CuisineThai1806 N Farwell Ave414-224-8284Milwaukee
El Matador (Frank Monreal's)Mexican/American9155 W Bluemound414-476-1130Milwaukee
El Pavo RealMexican1631 W Mitchell St414-671-4910Milwaukee
El SenorialMexican1901 S 31st St414-385-9538Milwaukee
El TonderoPeruvian2462 S 13th St414-384-8835Milwaukee
Elliot's Bistro (closed)French2321 N MurrayclosedMilwaukee
Elm Grove InnAmerican13275 Watertown Plank Rd262-782-7090Elm Grove
Elsa's on the ParkAmerican833 N Jefferson414-765-0615Milwaukee
Emerald City (closed)American100 W Old Third WorldclosedMilwaukee
Emperor of ChinaChinese1010 E Brady414-271-8889Milwaukee
English Room (closed)American424 E Wisconsin AveclosedMilwaukee
EnvoyAmerican/Ambassador2308 W Wisconsin Ave414-342-8400Milwaukee
Espresso MagicCoffee2025 E Newport414-961-2008Milwaukee
A unique perspective
on Tokyo, Japan
is just a click away!

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