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Pizza Man (closed)

1800 E North Ave

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Detail for Pizza Man (closed) : Restaurant, Italian

Serves: Pizza, ribs, wild boar, duck, escargot. Features: Outdoor patio during warmer season. Open: Mon.-Thurs: 4:00p.m.-2:00a.m.; Fri.-Sat.: 4:00p.m.-3:00a.m.; Sun.: 12:00p.m.-2:00a.m. Accepts: M.V.A. - sys, 06/12/2004

Closed - burned down 1-19-2010 - norm, 01/21/2010

We went Pizza Man last Friday. Even with a reservation we had to wait 1hr & 20mins before we were even seated! It was very frustrating as we only had 2 people in our party & also had watched at least 3 other tables that arrived after us, get seated before us. The hostess was horrible & the bartenders were even worse, they were more worried about sipping on wine themselves before they even thought to serve any customers. Since we had such a long wait we decided to order an appetizer at the bar, which of course was met with discontent by the bartender, pardon us for making you have to do a little work!! Once we finally were seated our waiter took another 20 mins to take our order but then after that he did an ok job, the food was ok, not as good as we had

Milwaukee , Pizza Man

hoped after such a long wait. Normally we expect much more when dining out & will think twice before we go back to Pizza Man.
- Belle, 05/08/2007

i love pizza man and have been going there off and on for about 10 years. the last few times i've gone, however, the service has been so terrible TWICE we walked out after in the middle of our meal. food is great and interesting selection. wine list is amazing. probably the best in wisconsin. but the service... - tracy, 11/01/2006

They rounded up my credit card bill to make the tip 20%! - Jim Z, 10/17/2006

I would not suggest taking a large group into Pizza Man, unless you're willing to wait a very long time. We waited for over an hour and a half while we watched the group of people sitting at the table we were eventually given, eat their entire meal. Nothing was offered to us in exchange for us standing in the restaurant for that amount of time. We watched groups sitting down which had come in before us. If you have more than 3-4 people, don't plan on going to Pizza Man. - Natalie, 03/19/2005

Pizza Man is the absolute wihtout a doubt best pizza I Have ever had. I travel from Philadelphia often and always have to stop there :-) - DemonBoy, 04/26/2003

While the wine selection at Pizza Man is abundant, the taster usually receives it several days after it has been already opened, leaving it flat and tasteless. ALso, it is difficult to order off a menu that has so many spelling mistakes. - late night eater, 04/24/2003

Dining at Pizza Man is best decribed as AWESOME. The food, wine list and service is wonderful. - anonymous, 01/31/2002

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