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The Prime Quarter, Restaurant

3400 S 108th

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Detail for The Prime Quarter, Restaurant : Restaurant, American

Serves: Steak, Seafood Features: Grill your own Open: Sun.-Thurs. 5:00p.m.-11:00p.m.; Fri.-Sat: 5:00p.m.-11:00p.m. Accepts: M.V.A. & Reservations (suggested) - sys, 12/26/1999

Last night my Valentine had taken me to Prime Quarters, I had never been there before, so you could imagine my shock as I seen all these people standing around this huge grill. I thought the place was awsome!!!!! I had to tell everybody about it the next day. I have to admit it did take a minute to get the waitress at times, but I still really enjoyed myself. Do you have to cook your own steak? No. But I really suggest you do, its allot of fun :) Carrie - Valentine, 02/15/2008

Well I have to say I have never had such a wonderful experience than I had when I visited the Prime Quarter that is located near the airport in Milwaukee. I was there for 'happy hour' and I loved the buffet; such a wide variety of choices of food to choose from. I would go there again. - julie, 09/28/2004

do not order ice cream drinks. Last night I got a grasshopper and there were shreds of plastic in it. It cut my throat. Never going back - Linda, 12/12/2002

Eight of us dined early on a Saturday evening. Firstly, we were excited since we had heard so many favorable comments and the placed was packed, so it must be good food, right? The bar and lobby were so packed, we had to stand where we could, down the hall, out of the staff's way. Having no pagers or loud speakers, it was impossible to hear your name being called. Thankfully, the manager recognized me and said we nearly lost our table. After waiting for more than 90 minutes, we were finally seated. Our server finally approached and said we could get started. We all selected a cut of meat and proceeded to cook, as we melted from the heat of the grille. Meanwhile, other customers around us, noticably drunk, opted to drench their steak with butter, even though the signs clearly stated that the butter was for 'bread only'. To make a long story short, we finally got to the table, but our waitress was no where to be found. I took it upon myself to snatch an A-1 sauce from a vacant table and we ate. Our waitress finally came back to ask about drinks, after the meal that we had cooked ourselves had already been eaten. She never attempted to lift any of the dirty dishes from our table. We then asked for the bill and to our dismay, there was a automatic gratuity added to it! Let's see, we cooked our own food, never got a drink and never had our plates cleared, but she had the nerve to put a tip on! When I asked for the manager, I was told that 'gratuity is put on all walk-in's'. Rather than continue to fuss, one of the people in my party decided to pay the entire bill, gratuity and all, and put out his credit card which the poor excuse for a waitress finally picked up. Then, she didn't bring it back, but instead, sent a bus boy back for the signature! That was the icing on the cake. We might as well have stayed home and cooked our own steaks, not experiencing the heat of the grill, the drunks, the poor service, etc. The manager could have and should have straightened out the situation, but instead, made matters worse. Thanks Patti, I wish I could say, 'Job well done'. NOT!! Leah Larson, - Leah Larson, 03/14/2002

enjoyed your was very cold - katy johnson, 02/07/2001

I wanted to let you know we were recently in their for our anniversary dinner. We had Sally as our server, who did not seem to be having a good day. She neglected to say 'your welcome' when we said 'thank you,' and substituted 'unh hunh.' When we complained about finding a chunk of grizzle on one of the steaks, she asked if we wanted to see a manager or to have it to go. Of coarse we requested the manager, who was very cooperative. I have to tell you that when we did take the other steak home, we found another huge chunk of grizzle in the middle. We were very dissatisfied with the food, and have never had this problem at your restaurants before. Again, I do want to stress you have one of the best managers we have dealt with, ever. Please let us know when you get your meats in, and if it maybe has to do with us coming on a Tuesday. Then we will decide if it worth us giving your restaurant another try. Sincerely, Michelle Hawes - Michelle Hawes, 03/19/2003

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