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Real Chili

1625 W Wells St

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Detail for Real Chili : Restaurant, Chili / Lunch Coun

Serves: Chili Open: Mon.-Fri.: 11:00a.m.-2:00a.m.; Sat.: 11:00a.m.-3:30a.m.; Sun.: 11:00a.m.-7:00p.m. - sys, 12/26/1999

Quality all the way - excellent food, really fun place. I worked there in the late '70s and early '80s with Blondie, Francis, Dan, Judy and all the 'old' gang. My strongest memory was of a peculiar fellow who would come in on weekend nights (we were open till 3AM)and drink coffe for hours on end, always left a 50 cent tip. On the day Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested, he stopped coming. Same guy. But, like I said, the food is great, the chili is very memorable and it's a fun place to stop in for a meal on a cold Milwaukee winter's day. - former employee, 02/24/2007

I remember Blondie, and Francis Honish who owned the place. Francis and Marion Honish owned the restaurant until, I think 1977 or so, when it was purchased by the Helfer family (Seb Helfer was a Marquette University employee; his son Dan runs the business still, I believe. When I started going there, a bowl of mild/med was $0.90 and hot was $1.10, and it would not be unusual to have derelicts perform in the store or a group of college students moon the entire store. 'Mix 'em up, boys! - landon - jay, 02/24/2007

This is the absolute best, hearty, robust chili I have ever had the experience to taste.' This all coming from a Texas boy that takes pride in making some mean chili, and have experienced some of the best chili right here in Texas. Real Chili has them all beat! Congratulations Milwaukee! - D. Freitag - Texas, 11/10/2004

Big up's to James! He is an icon at Real Chili. James is the greatest server in town and needs to be recognized for his dedication to the customers! - Real Chili forever!, 08/14/2003

Will be coming from Detroit to test your chili on Saturday afternoon. I hear it is the best!! -, 06/26/2003

After living in Minnesota for 9 months, I truely missed Real Chili's delicious chili. Now that I am back for the summer, I can finally satisfy my desires with a bowl of Real Chili. Damn that stuff is good!!!! - William, 06/10/2003

I miss the Chilli soooo much. I look foward to my return so I can enjoy it - Bill, 04/04/2003

Who remembers Blondie? What a great waitress and server! (The dirtier the waitress's ankles the better the chili!!) Real Chili, it's not just for breakfast any more...! -, 03/18/2003

More than a bowl of chili - - - a way of life. - Scott Verhey, 07/27/2000

You guys are the best damn place in town!!!! - Nicholas Kristan, 10/05/1999

Still the best after over 30 years!!! Cheese, onions and two bowls of the medium or hot and you are set for the day (or night)!! It's the choice of the D R worldwide!! - John Linn, 08/02/2009

I remember about 1978 going to Real Chili after a lot of Beer Drinking. I fondly remember Blondie, with her suggestion to "mix it up boys". - Mike Nelson, 08/08/2007

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