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Sanford Restaurant

1547 N Jackson St
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Detail for Sanford Restaurant : Restaurant, Continental

Enjoy European-style fine dining ($45+ per person), prepared by award-winning chef Sanford D'Amato and his wife Angie, in this 50-seat storefront restaurant. The seasonal menu changes daily; personalized wine list available. Sanford Restaurant is open Mon-Thurs 5:30 pm-9 pm, Fri 5:30 pm-10 pm, Sat 5 pm-10 pm. - Alotta, 02/28/2007

My husband took me to Sanford for the first time the night we were engaged (four years ago). Every year, we make it a tradition to visit Sanford for our wedding anniversary (we've driven from Chicago, St. Louis and now NJ). We missed it this past July since we now live in New York but we will be coming back in August for our annual visit! We've been to many a great restaurant and Sanford provides a true dining production which stands out as our ultimate favorite. Rarely can you go to a restaurant and regret having to leave. We've already been in the midst of our meal and added courses because we were enjoying ourselves so much! This restaurant is a hidden gem. Highly recommend to those who appreciate and enjoy fine dining. When visiting restaurants in Chicago and New York, it's hard to find a restaurant with such elegance and charm as Sanford. I'm so glad my favorite restaurant is also in my home town! - T. Verrett, 07/14/2003

Sandy is short for Sanford and he's a man. His wife is Angela! - anonymous, 06/02/2003

If there is one place to eat in Milwaukee, it's Sanford's. Intimate and serious about food and wine, both the back and front of house teams continue to be approachable while elegant. Tied closely into the haute-cuisine celebrity circuit, Sandy D'Amato delivers the finest at a fraction of the cost he would have to charge in a larger metropolitan......why eat in Chicago when Milwaukee has this to offer? - Stephen Wiley, 05/28/1999

My husbnad and I have had the pleasure of eating at Sanford's twice--once for our anniversary and the other for my husband's college graduation. Sanford's has a quiet elegance. My husband and I just loved it. We enjoyed the food. We enjoyed the attentiveness of the staff. We felt we were really being taken care of. We would like to spend our 25th Weddning Anniversary at Sanford's. Mary Greeley - Mary Greeley, 04/28/1999

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