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2847 N Oakland Ave

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Detail for Shahrazad : Restaurant, Middle Eastern

This popular spot is the place for a great Middle Eastern lunch or dinner. Vegetarians can choose from many meatless appetizers. Carnivores will love the huge chicken and beef kebab plates, as well as the char-grilled lamb. Save room for fresh desserts such as the highly touted warbat, a custard-filled pastry. - sys, 11/09/2002

A popular spot for vegetarians to choose from many meat-free appetizers. Carnivores can enjoy char-grilled lamb, chicken and beef, and kebab plates aplenty. Everyone should save room for freshly baked desserts such as the warbat, an Arabic custard-filled pastry. - alotta, 03/28/2000

Stop by the popular East side spot for tasty Middle Eastern cuisine. Many vegetarian dishes and appetizers available, as are char-grilled lamb, and oversize chicken and beef kebabs. For dessert, choose form freshly baked pastriessuch as the warbat, which is filled with custard. Open Sun-Thurs 11am-10pm; Fri-Sat 11am-11pm. - alotta, 06/12/2004

I was given a $50 Gift Certificate for this restaurant as a Christmas present. There were no expiration dates or any other terms or conditions on the certificate. My wife and I finally were able to spend a Friday

Milwaukee , Shahrazad

night dinner together and went to the restaurant. This was our first time so we studied the menu online beforehand and worked up our excitement. Got to the restaurant, slow night (raining hard) and the waiter did a nice job explaining and suggesting things. Had a good dinner (7 out of 10) and even added extra desserts to take home. Here's where it gets ugly.... I put the Gift Certificate with my credit card on the tray, the waiter came back a few minutes later and said it wasn't valid. As soon as I questioned it, he went to the the owner/or manager (didn't know who.... never introduced himself)..... turns out that the place changed ownership and there was no way in hell he was going to honor the certificate. After "discussing" it for 5 minutes, my wife suggested splitting it and he still would not budge. I explained that this was our first time here and he needs to make a decision to honor this or let us leave pissed off..... which we did. I will NEVER go back and tonight starts my campaign to tell everyone I know not to eat there. How is it MY problem that there was an ownership change (same restaurant name, never been there before...) and how the hell could this guy justify not giving any consideration???? Tonight started off as a wonderful evening and ended as a horrible experience. I was even going to give the waiter a $20 tip just because we had the certificate. Instead, I only left him $5 for a $67 bill. What a rip-off..... and a huge disappointment. Unless they step up and provide us with either a refund or a gift certificate for no less that $25, I will do everything in my power to tell everyone I know about this and tell them to never eat here. This is not a threat. This is the truth. You need to step up and be part of the solution.... not the problem. David H
- David H, 06/20/2009

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