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Third Ward Caffe

225 E St Paul Ave

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Detail for Third Ward Caffe : Restaurant, Italian

Excellent Italian food includes items such as pastas, seasonal specials, carpaccio, and an excellent Caesar salad. Extensive Italian wine list available. - sys, 11/08/2002

Enjoy excellent Caesar salad, carpaccio, pastas, and fine seasonal specials and choose from an extensive list of Italian wines in this trendy Italian eatery. Open for lunch Tues-Fri 11am-2:30pm, Dinner Tues-Thurs 5pm-9pm, Fri-Sat 5pm-10pm. - alotta, 06/12/2004

The food was okay, but the service was terribly slow! Perhaps if we had had 2 hours to spare for lunch the food would have been better than okay. - RSJK, 06/04/2008

My husband and I ate there most recently on a winter night in January after they were closed for a week. In spite of this, their food was fresh and delicious as always. As for the prior reviews that criticized the hostess/owner eating the leftovers, I would take that as a positive indication of the quality that goes into the food. I would also suggest your critical reviewer read the book "Kitchen Confidential" by Anthony Bourdain if you want to read about some real questionable kitchen behavior. Third Ward Cafe was there long before the Third Ward area became so popular. I hope they continue to be there for many years to come. - Robby, 03/04/2008

I was so upset with the way we were treated when we went to third ward cafe. My wife and I walked in after a day of shopping and the owner treated us like we were trash off the street. We had been going there for lunch for years and since we were in street clothes not in business attire we were treated like trash . And that comment above about the "hostess" eating off the plate that is the OWNER. Never again will I eat there. And I will be sure to spread the word! She needs to stop eating off the plates!!! - Jack, 10/31/2007

Benissimo! My wife went to the Third Ward Cafe on Wednesday, Jun 13th, and had an absolutely wonderful evening. The service, the food, and the wine were all 'splendido', and the environment is very Italian, very peaceful. We're going back again in July with some friends, and recommend Third Ward Cafe as one of the true hidden gems in Milwaukee. Delizioso! - Beppe, 06/15/2006

every time that I have been there horrible service, food is good but the servers are horrible same with management. last time i was there i found fruit flies in my wine. i also saw the hostess eating off plates when i was walking by the bathroom i was completely disgusted. i will never return after that. - Ron S, 10/17/2005

My husband LOVES your Latuga salad with heart of palm. I have tried to search everywhere I know on the internet but cannot find a similar recipe. Is it possible to buy the recipe? Thanks. - Eve Dicker Eiseman, 02/03/2003

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