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Miller Brewery

4251 W State
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Detail for Miller Brewery : Brewery Tours

Tour of the Miller Brewery is free, and includes a short video presentation, a tour of the packaging facility, a tour of the brewing and filtering plant, and a tour of the "cave" underground, where the barrels were once stored. Over 8,000,000 barrels are produced annually at this facility, which ships to the midwest, as far west as Montana. Chicago alone consumes 40 of the output of this brewery. The tour runs from 10am-4pm M-Sat, and ends with a tasting of some great Miller beer. Take the tour on a weekday, when the machines are in full production mode. - wm, 08/10/2003

. Tours offered Mon - Sat, year-round. Enjoy a free guided outdoor and indoor walking tour which includes a theater presentation, a visit to packaging and shipping areas, brew house, and the historic Caves Museum. Sip on samples in the Bavarian-style Miller Inn or seasonal outdoor beer garden. Reservations are recommended for groups of more than 15; capacity of 90 per tour. - alotta, 07/10/2002

I just wanted to thank you at Miller's beer for the best beer drinking experience of

Milwaukee , Miller Brewery

my life. My family has always had Miller's beer around as far as I can remember. Even when you were called the Champagne of bottled beer. I am a loyal customer.And to me there's no other beer that I would drink. So, what I am asking is. Do you have special offers or coupons for loyal customers who have drank you product for over 20 years? if not. I will still be a loyal customer. Just want to get more for the dollar. Thank you P.S. Keep up the good work... - Raymond M, 11/11/2003

as a beer drinker. your beer is the best. me and my buddys drink miller lite when we are off thank u for bringing millertime. - anonymous, 02/23/2008

I love MGD and think it is definately the best beer known to man.. Recently I have seen the Heineken keg promo, and thought this would be a good idea for MGD.. The Keg should be heavy duty like the Heineken one.. Or it just won't be as cool.. E-mail me at goozer2-4, and let me know what you think.. Tom - TOM BANNISTER JR, 10/16/2007

Cant say enough Good stuff about your Miller Highlife and draft beer. Keep up the good work boys. - gatespaul, 09/19/2006

me and my college roomates have been only drinking miller high life and miller high life lite, for about one year now. whenever we have party's (which is very often) we will purchase around 8 cases of miller bottles. there is no reason to get a keg the bottles make us look cool and popular. thanks miller for making college and friends happen. -, 07/11/2003

The tour was THE BEST!! The samples were of great size, the tour was very thourough, the only bad part was walking outside in the cold, but that really didn't matter all that much. I'd recommend going on this tour, if you love beer, you'll love this!!! - Gooseman, 04/18/2003

Very poor design for new draft. Embarrassing to be seen with. - GEB, 11/18/2002

I toured the Miller company in October of 2001 and it was GREAT! Best of all it was free! And the samples were VERY generous. And for the non drinkers there was even free rootbeer. They even give you free postcards to send people and mail them anywhere in the world for you!!! - A. Smith, 01/25/2002

I had the pleasure of touring your brewery in Sept. 2000 and had a great time. I am looking for beer bottle koozies, with the zipper opening. Do you stock them in your facility? -, 02/13/2001

Your tour definitely had the beer drinker in mind.The samples were generous and the tour short,lol.Thanks and keep up the good work. - T Roudebush, 02/10/2000

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