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Potawatomi Bingo & Casino

1721 W Canal
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RatingRatingRatingRating     Rating: 4 planets.
     My wife got a bingo package when she siegnd up for the Binions rewards card.(or whatever it is called) She was 1st in line and the people running things ignored her and started to help others at the windows that had just had signs saying next window. She had to pay $5 and asked about how they played because she wasn't familiar with their terminology, and the handfull of bingo cards and stuff she was given. They just told her to read the paperwork and that the caller would explain as they went along so it should be no problem. I was with her and asked another player to help explain some of rules and game. After a quick explanation we started to prepare for the 1st game and even before everyone sat down they started calling numbers. I was trying to keep up because they called numbers so fast you didn't have time to see if you had a bingo, let alone mark your numbers! Shortly afterward they announce that I had to buy in or leave and I was not allowed to help my wife. (There were 50 + empty seats) My wife told me that after playing a couple of games that they then announced that people playing 2 or more electronic bingos would be disqualified! (If that's the case then why did you sell them 2 units!) The people were rude and unhelpful and not clear about what they did explain.What a way to reward a person for joining their casino rewards program! I had been a fan of Binion's when it really was owned by the Binion family. Benny and Jack really knew how to run a casino! Jack Binion should get them to stop using the Binion name.
           - Budigoma .. Jul 22, 2012 09:08:00

Open: 7 days a week Features: 200 slot machines, 4 bingo sessions per day (Mon.-Fri.) - sys, 12/26/1999

The Bingo is NOT what it used to be. Its seems you lost what you had to attract and KEEP your customers. Maybe the new casino in Rosemont, Il. will be better!! I have been going to your bingo since you first opened and it really changed for the worse!!Money is greed?? Get back to basics and make your customers happy!! Your theater only shows southern entertainers also!!!! - joy, 09/12/2010

I sit near the snack bar in the bingo hall Every day at least,at least 50 people ask what kind of soup you have.What's so hard to put a sign up? Even if it's hand written. - william clark, 09/05/2006

My husband and I have been to all your New Years Eve bashes except one and it was bad this year. The food was cold and I was sick for two days after eating. The buses won almost all the bingos. I think everyone should have an equal chance to win. You shouldn't have to ride a bus.

Milwaukee , Potawatomi Bingo and Casino

We also do not like the new way you must use you slot match play the same night you get them. We usually get ours on the way out at night to avoid lines, then use them the next time we come. For what it cost us, it was not worth it. I think if the casino in Beloit is approved, it will cut down on your customers. I know several that would not come to Potawatomi if there was another one close by. You are not like you used to be.
- Kathleen Binstock, 01/01/2003

you know i am a regular player at bingo there, but i have noticed that most of the time the money is won by the people playing the machines especially the jackpots. i and a lot of people that i know and talk to feel this way. i think this is very unfair some of us cannot afford the machines which is no fault of yours but why are all the big winners in the machines? - johnnie strong, 03/21/2001

I went to Bingo last night 11-22 and used your valet

Milwaukee , Potawatomi Bingo and Casino

parking I was on the tracks and the valet came up and I ask him where I should park He said he didnt care as long as I was off the tracks, which would then have put me back on canel street, He was very rude. I use valet parking because of a breathing problem but i could have found parking last night myself probably closer and saved \6.00 dollars. I understand that its cold but that is no excuse to be rude. Thank you, Karen J Graham
- Karen Graham, 03/19/2003

Potawatomi should be called PotaROBami...very tight machines - Craig, 11/22/2000

Potawatomi Bingo and Casino , Milwaukee

Potawatomi Bingo and Casino , Milwaukee

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