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Riverside Theater

116 W Wisconsin Ave
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RatingRating     Rating: 2 planets.
     This is a shopping psridaae in the Inland Empire. Plenty of shops (small shops and department stores) and also great place for dining and to see a movie.I like Victoria Gardens much better than the nearby Ontario Mills.
           - Renu .. Aug 17, 2013 13:26:56

Located inside the Empire Building which was built in 1927. The theater seats 2,500 & is used for live performances. - sys, 12/26/1999

Can you tell me will Grease be coming back to the Riverside in the near future? My daughter have seen it there several times and we loved it. Thank You. - Pat Wondra, 10/30/2008

Several years ago when I stepped into the newly renovated Riverside Theater for the first time, it took my breath away! It's beautiful. I have attended concerts; the magic shows of Doug Henning and David Copperfield; musicals such as Grease! The shows have been great. The staff has been helpful and courteous. The only problem I ever had was with rude patrons, not employees. I'm looking forward to attending the Sing-A-Long Wizard of Oz movie coming up next week. The Riverside Theater is a Milwaukee landmark. Keep up the good work! 06/17/2003 - Terri K. - Milwaukee, 06/17/2003

The production of Grease was amazing and I was very impressed with how well it was performed. I was, however, dissapointed in a few things. First, the beverages and snacks should not be allowed into

Milwaukee , Riverside Theater

the theatre as it causes a terrible distraction to other memebers of the audience. Second, the ushers allowed people to come into the theatre after the show had already started and allowed people to continuously leave and return throughout the performance. Finally, (and this isn't really the theatre's fault) theatre manners have become horrible over the last few years. Behind me sat two women (with drinks in their hands) and during the Frankie Avalon number, they proceeded to TALK ON A CELL PHONE!!!!! Then they continued to talk and sing all through the second act. I would deffinetly reccomend going to the Riverside performances but I just hope you have a better experience without such a rude audience!!!!
- Annonomous, 11/11/2002

Patti LaBelle is the best concert that The Riverside could have. Everytime Patti comes to town, The Riverside is the main place for the show. It is a historic place for entertainment. Need I say more. - Tyrone Minor, 06/14/2002

I attended the BoDeans Concert last night at the Riverside Theater. I had a great time!! As old as the Riverside is, and since the BoDeans are from Milwaukee, I thought that it was a great setting for the classic band to play at. I thought the acoustics were great. There was even a part of the show where the lead singer and guitarist played an 'unplugged' version of a song, with no amps and no microphones. They stood in front of the stage and asked everyone to be quiet... and it was amazing how well everyone could hear them. I think that the Riverside, although it seats 2500, it is an intimate setting to see any show. I'd definately go back to the Riverside Theatre. - Dave, 12/30/2001

I recently attended the the 2nd 'MAXWELL' concert and it was absolutely Great just as the 1st one that I saw at the Riverside Theater. I personally enjoying going to the Riverside and spending the nite at the Pister Hotel within walking distance, My only disapointment is this weekend I have good seats for 'Burn the Floor' and the show has been rescheduled for next April ( I will hold my tickets)., I understand this was not the fault of Riverside but the decision of the Dance team. I also feel the staff does a good job, very helpful and curteous. My only complaint is the location of the bar in the main lobby located by the stiars going to the second floor causes to much congestion during intermission going to the lower level or coming in/out of the theater to and from your seats at that peticular area. It should probably be eliminated or relocated. 'Keep the Great Shows coming Riverside and so Will I'!!! Peace Out...Eyvan D.Evans 11/10/2001 - Eyvan Drake Evans, 11/10/2001

I have seen many concerts at the Riverside, I would agree with the comments of it being getting run down. Some of the shows I have gone there has had problems with sound and the fact that people are constantly leaving their seats during the show. - ED, 11/01/2001

I thought the Riverside was a very beautiful setting. I attended the Hanson concert there in 2000. The security was great and the staff was very friendly. I don't think that spilled soda should be the ending of your Riverside expirience. Its a great venue. I point it out every time I'm in Milwaukee! I hope to go there again soon! - Lauren, 10/21/2001

I recently attended the wonderful performance of Mark Knopfler and his band at the Riverside. It was my first time at this venue and being an admirer of old buildings, I enjoyed the surroundings. I especially liked the concession areas being on the upper level where we were seated. Bathrooms were clean and ushers were very helpful. Our seats in the first row of the mezzanine were awesome! I would attempt to be seated in the same row for future events. Parking (a Sunday night) was no problem.... Any beefs? Well, aside from the over priced refreshments and snacks(no different anywhere else) and the floor being rather sticky...not really! I was ejoying the show too much to have those minor inconveniences spoil my time! The Riverside hosts some great acts and I hope to attend more in the future! I hope the facilities receive the maintenance and refurbishment it deserves! - ML, 05/16/2001

The Riverside is quickly becoming a poorly managed, rundown theatre! I went there just yesterday with a friend and my 5 year old daughter for a 2:00 showing of Annie. I paid over $150.00 for the three of us to attend this performance and was completely unhappy with my surroundings. During intermission I went to get popcorn, I stood in line 45 minutes (missing much of the second half of the performance)in the only exsisting popcorn/food line. When I finally got to the register I was greeted (for lack of a better word) to a rude teenager behind the counter who told me they were out of popcorn. I just saw the lady add more, I told him and he replied that it would take 10 minutes. I told him that I waited 45 minutes I might as well wait 10 more. This was mostly a childrens performance and there were 4 bars on the first floor alone (more bars can be found on the other levels) and only one popcorn line vendor in the whole building! Upon returning to my seat (great tickets, middle section, 2nd row right behind the pit) there was a standing puddle of what I am assuming is soda. At least I was hoping it was soda as my feet floated it the pool. I don't care if Jesus Christ himself is making an appearance at the Riverside, I would not step foot into that theatre again! 3/18/2001 - Anne Hicks, 03/19/2001


A few weeks ago we were very excited about coming to the Riverside to see a presentation of Grease. We were not disappointed about the play. It was GREAT!!. However my complaint is with the Riverside Theater. We were approximately 10 rows from center stage. The floor was so sticky that my shoes actually were sticking to the floor. I understand that beverages need to be served, but I think that they should be kept in the lobby and not allowed into the theater area. There were 4 in our party at $52.00 per seat. We all felt that the performance was wonderful, but the will not return to the Riverside in the future because of the 'sticky floor' situation. It's really unfortunate as it is a beautiful theater. - Jill Brodzik, 07/15/1999

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