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Brass Rail

422 N Hennepin

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well. I was a customer of the Brass Rail up until the end. I was so excited when I was invited to the grand re-opening. The place was beautiful and the food was great that night. I was so excited to come back and so dissapointed when I did. It was very obvious to me that the bartenders did not want the old clientel around. I was ignored and what conversation there was. Was so labored it was just uncomfortable. My final sign was when both the bartenders turned their backs to the customers and turned up the Game. I understand wanting to draw in a new crowd and reinventing yourself. But I think Pete and his sister should of known better than to do it that way. So now let's fast forward to today. It is obvious that the crowd they were marketing themslves to only bit for a short time until the next new thing came around. Like that crowd does. So where did they decide to go? Back to the Gay crowd. And like

Minneapolis , Brass Rail

any scorned customer who get's snubbed and tossed aside for a younger hotter customer. I am just a touch bitter to say the least. I did stop in last Thursday and was one of maybe 6 other people. They had 2 dancers. Cute...VERY YOUNG! It made me feel a little "Uncle bad touch" creepy. But at least they are trying. PETE! You need to understand that Gay men are not some alien from another planet. You run a very successful bar right around the corner. What works for the straights will work for us. Get new barteners that will welcome your customers and not give the feeling that your in a Fargo hotel bar. The old Rail might of been a "pit". But it had one thing over the new Rail. It was Fun! But of course, this is just my opinion.
- Myopinion, 09/20/2011

oh.... the brass rail. it brings up memories of the old days, of karaoke, of side-splitting laughter, of good prices, of hennepin avenue at it's best. well, the new brass rail makes me so sad. what are they thinking? it is a new owner, new staff, and a lack of (ANY) energy. at least with the old place, you knew that no matter what, cool bartender was going to touch you on the hand, say "HEY" and be happy you are there. They'd usuallyy tell you a funny story, light some candles, and make the whole thing memorable. The new "idea" is suits only (only dress shoes.... i"m not kidding!" and bartenders that take your money like a parking attendant. no idea whether or not they work on hennepin or on 694. Anyway, I went to see if I could have more great memories but while it is beautiful, the door staff are hot, ..... I am not comfortable with the idea that everyone has to wear the same shoes and look the same (white and pressed suits)... yeah, I said it. Why? Not even in NYC do places like this survive.... dunno. anyway, my review is to go at your own risk if your first time. (the new manager lesley is a horrible woman) and enjoy the decorations and furniture. if you are an old regular, don't hurt yourself and disappoint yourself. Instead, go to the saloon, the 90s, or the eagle where the rest of the regulars ended up. - mr mpls, 10/25/2009

Robert Kappers: We all know this is you spreading this crap. You got the boot, now get over it and get off line trying to trash the place and ruin it for those of us who still work there and have pride in the place. Yes, Vuvu is an idiot, but your interpretation (from the outside) are not accurate and you know it. You are just being vindictive and are embarrassing yourself. - me, 01/29/2009

The Brass Rail has changed! Now under management by a straight guy with no insight about the gay community. The bar is hurting financially and the owner doesn't have a clue how to run a business. Our gay bars are falling one by one because uneducated money hungry people are trying to be gay business people. The Brass Rail is now catering to the straight twinks just to keep the bar afloat. Thus, making the people who have been part of that bar for many years and are happily gay are now feeling uncomfortable and out of place. Johnny VuVu the bar owner should live outside of the country because he is a disgrace to the gay community of Minneapolis and everyone that is a tourist here. - a former employee, 05/12/2008

I had such a nice time on Christmas day/night that, I slipped on ice the next morning. Kidding asde, Bob was so nice and handsome. Jonathan made my night twice. Such a wit. Bob is such a hunk, especially, inglasses. Wow! I can't wait to come back. Watching the primaries and Hillary is winning. Yeah baby! Julius - julius bell, 01/08/2008

The Brass Rail is a Gay Bar with stiff drinks, and a Sinatra signing bartender. - JoeBu, 04/04/2003

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