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C C Club

2600 N Lyndale South

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Detail for C C Club :

if you are a part of the 'uptown crowd' and frequent the 'cha cha' you are more apt to see blurs and not remember who you've seen - she who hates bad reviews, 01/22/2003

Well known by the 'Uptown Crowd', the C.C. Club is the place to see and be seen. It was one of the haunts of the late Bob Stinson, the original guitarist of the legendary alternative grunge rock band the Replacements, and the Juke box is rightfully loaded with lots of their early albums. Also getting heavy airplay are Social Distortion, Nirvana and Johnny Cash and other blue collar '80s bands. Indeed, in the C.C. Club, Punk will never die. Since it opened (in the 1950s I believe) generations of Minneapolis youth have been through its doors, and while the faces change, the attitude does not. It is indeed a club complete with appropriate dress and demeanor. It is located on the southwest corner of 26th and Lyndale in the area of Minneapolis known as 'Uptown'. It is a neighborhood of old brownstone apartment buildings peopled by college students and young professionals who have not yet mobilized up enough to find a house 40 blocks south. Right inside the door there is a pay phone that is constantly in use and a friendly bouncer ready to ask for your ID. Immediately the smell of cigarette smoke will assault you - be prepared. The place is dark, and a little grimy, kind of like a claustrophobic Elks Lodge bar. The ceiling will seem low, but that's only because everybody there will be wearing massive heeled work-boots. Although they look scary, the people there are actually quite friendly - you are still in Minnesota for gosh sakes! The C.C. Club crowd is well decorated. Wildly flowing multi-colored full-body tattoos, chains, rings and barbells protruding from infected body parts are set off by stark black clothing and hair. At the C.C. Club you will be able to meet people of all genders. If you get there after 8:00pm you will have to wait for one of the black Naugahyde booths, that are cracked and repaired with duct tape. The tables are covered with brown faux woodgrain Formica. The windowless walls are adorned in red and black short-pile carpet which, by virtue of dust and grease smoke propelled by fan, has needed a thorough vacuuming for at least a decade. Don't be alarmed! It is all a part of the ambiance. The drop ceiling tiles have been in place for several administrations and have taken on a leathery black-lung-like patina. I have never noticed the floor. The bathrooms continue the black and red motif and (the boy's room at least) has one of those long community urinals like they do at old sports arenas. It is not uncommon for a person to take up a stall for an alarmingly long period of time. As for the food, I have had the French Fries, which I have enjoyed, but then again, after a few beers I am pretty easy to please. My girlfriend at the time had a side of cole slaw there in 1994. She didn't finish it, but that bears no reflection on the food. I'm sure it was fine. She had just had jaw surgery and couldn't swallow. When I go - and it's not as often as I would like - I just get beer. The $5.99 pitcher of Schell's Dark is an old standby. It is one of their specialties. Bon Appetit! Erik Amundson - Ammie, 05/27/2000

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