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Chatterbox Pub

2229 E 35th St

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Detail for Chatterbox Pub : 80s Bar

Get transported back to the '80s in this basement bar which features REM on the jukebox, and Atari video games such as Pitfall, Frogger, Asteroids, and more. Refreshing craft-brewed beers available. - sys, 10/01/2002

The Chatterbox has been named Best bar and grill for years for a reason. They make virtually everything from scratch!! It is nothing like a "sports bar", but more like your childhood dream family room! "Local" doesn't have any idea about food??? It is an amazing menu that is so far beyond "bar food". Rather than pretentious I think it is a wonderful surprise. The Black Cat Diablo Sauce is a roasted habernero sauce that is hot, but has flavor! Nothing like I have EVER seen, in a supermarket or anywhere period. It is soooo good and unique. If you want normal, bad bar food this isn't the place. There are plenty of those. As far as the Pizza goes if you like great gourmet pizza like Punch, then this is the place for you. It is made with various gourmet smoked and stringy whole milk Italian cheeses!! Hand made authentic Italian flatbreads. I just appreciate it when someplace goes so far above and beyond instead of taking the easy road. The staff is very friendly. I don't know any restaurant that the host staff doesn't seat you at a table that's appropriate for the size of your group. Restaurants don't do this to be rude. They do it so that other people don't have to wait unecessarily. It is polite and respectful to understand that people might have legitamite reasons they do their job, that you might not understand. Give people the benefit of respect and don't take it personal. - A Foodie, 11/20/2007

If you like the TV's at a sports bar, TV trivia and video games of old, the place is great. Stick with the burgers and beer and leave the rest to your imagination. We visited the Chatterbox shortly after it opened and felt the food was pretentious for a local pub. A friend in May of '07 said that the menu had changed and been enlarged. We revisited the Pub in May of '07. A Pub/Bar that has an evening crowd that normally survives on burgers and beer and has minimal kitchen facilities should not attempt to offer food to mimic the larger bar/restaurants that have a full complement of trained chefs and more than a stove hidden between the bar and the main room. We had what was called a basic Hawaiian Pizza. The cheese tasted and had a mouth feel that seemed like it was the standard sliced white American; the "ham" must have come from the sandwich meat isle from the local supermarket, and the pineapple from a can. An added touch of chared dried tomatoes sealed its fate. The crust seemed like it was from the freezer isle. They advertised a Habenero sauce which was supposed to be liquid fire. This was your basic supermarket bar-b-que sauce, spiced with habenero's with the seeds/veins removed with a bit of "sour" from probably lemon concentrate. It was medium, at best, where Minnesota hot is catsup. - local, 05/12/2007

Used to love it, now I will not go here due to the rudeness of the waitstaff and/or policy of asking customers to move tables if you sit in one that's not appropriate to the size of your party. My b-friend and I came in for dinner and we were asked to move to a table for 2 (note: the place was virtually empty), even though we explained that we didn't want a table by the bathroom. The server actually argued with us and when we decided to leave she still said, 'could you just move over there?'. I moved out the door and won't be back until they change their policies. Having been a loyal customer since the Mpls pub opened, I was offended by their inflexibility towards a very loyal customer. - T. Meehan, 11/02/2006

I've never heard of ANYONE calling it the 'Chatter'. Whatever. Anyway I'm there 3-4 times a week, the food is miles above and beyond average bar food, lots of it is even healthy. The Caesar salad is loaded with yummy seasoned olives. Awesome Saki Bloody Marys. The atmosphere is comfortable, you can smoke on the patio, jerks do not hit on women here, and the staff is the BEST ANYWHERE. Especially Bambi, Brandon and Guy - love you guys so much it hurts. - CheeryMonkey, 08/20/2005

This place is a trip back to your parents basement where you have no worries playing some old Atari games while feeling free having a cold beer. It's a great place to talk to friends or new people and the food is great. - BrunoVH, 03/28/2003

This last Monday was the first time I had stepped into the 'Chatter', as my friends refere to it. I loved the wine selection, the food, and the darn nicest group of folks you'd ever want to meet. I highly suggest the 'Chatter' as a great meeting place for friends and family. - shannon, 01/16/2003

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