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King of Diamonds Night Club

6600 N River
Inver Grove Heights

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Detail for King of Diamonds Night Club :

i think that this is the best club of guys in minn.the best gal around. all are gergous, but there are some that are the best, kod has the best dj all week long.need to play more 80's music.and not so much hip hop.that suck. - king of the night, 04/12/2011

there USED to be decent girls there. i like the sluty bartender but she doesn't dance. servers are way pushy about the half-hr drink minimum. COME ON every half hr??? girls are losing their figures, going somewhere else now. - cowboyjack, 06/22/2010


Staff is alright, great drink specials. exstacy is the most beautiful pint sized thing but i got a horrible lap dance from lucky her snatch needed a thorough cleaning. planning on my bachelor party just because of exstacy!! - chris ernstrom, 01/20/2009

Just a friendly update for everyone! The King of Diamonds just lowered our beverage and lounge prices! You can still go down to the KOD and have a great time even on a budget! The King of Diamonds has the most amazingly beautiful women Minnesota has to offer doing $10 table dances All Day Every Day! We have 2 full stages and a fantastic VIP lounge. We are open Monday - Saturday from 3:30pm - 2:00am. Don't forget... We have our $1 tap beer special from 3:30 -5:30 daily. Stop in on Friday, October 31, 2008 (Halloween) and help support our local food shelves. If you bring in a non-perishable food item, you will receive 1/2 OFF admission. For each additional non-perishable food items you will receive 50% OFF adult novelties. Enjoy! Thank you, King of Diamonds KOD is the place to be! 651-455-3886 - King of Diamonds, 10/30/2008

My husband and I go to the King of Diamonds 3 - 4 times a month. We always have a fantastic time, every time we stop in. Very couple friendly. Great staff, great drink prices and best of all... The dancers are 10+. We strongly recommend this club to everyone! - Couple, 07/23/2008

Went there on 06/21/08 and honestly it was pathetic. The girls are good, props to them. The management was a bunch of retards. $10 cover charge, beer's are $5 a shot and a fucking coke for the DD for the night costs $5.50. If you havent bought a drink in 30 minutes your hassled by the sluts they have serving there. Mya, Lucky, and Destiny were great, one of the girls looked like a coked out freak, flailing around on stage like a dead rat. Another was such a bitch, that after giving a $10 at sniffer's row she has the gall to bitch about it by saying, "Wow... what am I gonna do with $10 fucking dollars." Personally go to Sheik's or Choices even if you dont want jackasses hitting you up for killer expensive drinks, fucking with your DD, and looking at nasty dead coked out rats on stage. Oh and DO NOT GO TO THE CHAIR FOR YOUR BACHELOR PARTY! Mya beat the shit out of 3 guys while we were there, fucking insane shit. - Nate, 06/23/2008

Im very please, to see incredibly sexy woman. Lucky,and Maya are the best.Friendly atmosphere, great staff make a difrence.Im going to be stady customer at KOD Thank you - Andrew Boryga, 04/20/2008

Great club, Great prices, Great women and lot's of them! My wife and I had a great time last weekend, we are bringing a few friends of ours back this weekend! Thanks King of Diamonds for having such a great place for us to go out and have fun! - Ken, 01/16/2008

I was there that night too, and I was up in sniffers row, and I tell you what if that dude touched her it was barely. What did she expect him to do as she's throwing herself on his nuts as hard as she was. I think I would've put my hands up in defence also. Turns out that janitor dude was the owner I heard. What a moron. I think the guy would've just left if he would've been asked to. By the way how much does it cost to get a guy up there? And he gets treated like that? And how much for a table dance? I think those table dance guys get a great deal for way less. I don't understand. - another passer by, 10/02/2007

I was told from a restaurant in the area to go to KOD. I witnessed a guy on his bachelor party get completely assaulted by the girl dancing, some bouncers, and some guy that looked like he was the cleaning guy. The dancer said her boobs were touched and she slapped this kid in the face twice, very hard(I can see how he may have touched them, they could use a face lift if you know what I mean;saggers). Now the cleaning guy comes out and tackles this kid and the bouncers jumped on for good measure. They dragged him out the curtain and as far as I know that was it. I don't know what they paid for that but they got ripped off. For the most part the ladies were OK. It wasn't oh my god. Next time I'm in town I'll stop at that place in Cannon Falls. - passer through guy, 09/27/2007

Absolutely outstanding! KOD has Beautiful girls, courteous staff, and a polite crowd. - Glenn, 10/02/2005

All the women are Amazingly beautiful. The Staff is awesome, just find Kelly the bartender she is cool. Cali is the girl for a great relaxing almost making out lap dance, she will knock your socks off. This place is a must see for both men and women. Call your buddies, take the wife and make time to go check it out, it will be worth your time. Free cover tell 5:30 and doller beers tell 6:00 you can't beat that anywhere in the cites with the this kind of setting. - SSP Mike, 04/16/2005

The legacy of the King of Diamonds gentlemen's club is infamous with the now defunct Howard Stern Radio Show on late night Saturday night. The major plus K.O.D. has is its cheap cost. Five dollar coverage charge and the drink price is fairly reasonable and the girls were absolutely gorgeous, but the crowded atmosphere and the bogus table dances is the major downer. I like the personal touch at strip clubs. When the dancer takes you by the hand and places you on a nice, cushy couch and proceeds to straddle your crotch. It's very arousing knowing that all her attention is on you. However, K.O.D. has table dances. You sit at a table on a bar stool and for ten dollars the dancer straddles you at your table. The bar stools are uncomfortable enough and with a girl trying to straddle you is just plain annoying. - SDC, 08/17/2003

Great club! Beautiful women, great atmosphere, super staff! With $10 table dances, you cant lose. Be sure to look for, 'Kylie' who has these legs that go for miles, and 'Lee'... very sexy AND very funny, with that 'Hollywood Smile'. I just cannot get enough of it! KOD is the place to be! - MZ, 09/04/2003

The club was great the dancers were great. But the one drink rule a half hour is extreme. Maybe change it to every hour or a two drink minimium. WE were tipping the dancers and still had that rule inforced... But otherwise the nightclub was great :). Ann Zubke Wisconsin - Ann Zubke, 04/20/2003

WOW!!! Blows your mind... definately the best club in the twin cities area. Trust me, I've been to them all. While you are there be sure to check out Snow, and Destiny. Very classy girls. Not to mention gorgeous. - aficionado, 04/15/2003

The women are incredible - unreal babes everywhere check out 'Natalie' you'll be amazed - JB, 04/02/2003

I had the best time atthe KOD! All the girls are so beautiful and unbelievely nice. I especially enjoyed my dance from Jana, she was very nice and sweet. (She needed to feed her puppy) - Brent Baker, 03/28/2003

Let me start by saying this is the best strip club in minnesota. the girls are very very hot and all very nice. if you get a chance make sure you get a dance from divine she is every mans dream. ps:they have a website @ it has what girls will be dancing everyday. - jake, 08/24/2002

By far the best happy hour in the Twin Cities. The women are almost always hot and the beer is cheap. - Doobs, 08/15/2002

THE GIRLS THERE ARE SO HOT, I WOULD LIKE TO MARRY ALL OF THEM ASAP! p.s. I was just there last night! And I'm going back on the 15th and of course the 30th! - Federico Protacio, 8/1/02, 08/01/2002

Our bachelor party was turned away even though the parking lot was half empty, save yourself the drive! - scott, 04/27/2002

Awesome girls, I love them...must pretty..aarrrggghhh.......... - Jack N. Hoff, 03/27/2002

First visit to the clubs and King of Diamonds took the cake...Because of this club...I'll be an addict soon:) - Ron G., 11/25/2001

So many Beautiful girls.....So little time. Dancers on stage that blow you away, and personal dances that make you think that King of Diamonds is really the promised land. - Montana Native, 12/11/2001

oh my gawd! these women are unbelivible. Best strip club experience ever! - amie, 11/07/2001

Hostile management makes you feel like you're being done a favor by letting you be there, treat you like cattle...pass this one up! - regular guy, 08/18/2001

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