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2500 N University Ave NE

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of all the bars in 'nordeast' this is by far the best. coldest beer best bands best music all around! looking for a gaad spot to chill with some friends or rock out this is the place. - big country, 02/25/2007

If you can open the front door, and slip up to the bar, you will not want to leave. cheep tap beer, and kickass live music is all you really need. Lovley pub. - Ne swing, 01/19/2007

I just had a 40th surprise birthday party for my husband in the party room and it was fantastic!! The owner and his staff did everything to make sure that it was the best party ever!!! and it was!!! Look them up for your next party!! It was a blast!!! Lisa from South Minneapolis - csmith32, 12/11/2006

Of all my years sitting in smoky bars swilling piss-warm chongo, Stasiu's has to be one of the cornerstones. The jukebox has great tunes, the pool tables have a nice home roll, and the urinals.......The greatest of all time!Thank You Stasiu's for sticking to the time-honored traditions of what a watering hole should be. These flavor-of-the-month joints can go to hell, while I'm down at Stasiu's, tying one on. - Slackjawd, 05/09/2003

Dear Stasiu's, I sitting here on a Saturday night at work in Warsaw, Poland (no joke) and would much prefer to be sitting in Stasiu's eating breaded mushrooms and drinking vodka. Please bring back Polish vodka, you used to have Krolewska, but when I was in last summer you were out. - Jas from North Mineapolis, 09/28/2002

HI! I am Krzychu from Poland.I saw your site and i thought it was nice to write to you.Do you speek polish?.Prosze nie smiej sie z mojego angielskiego ucze sie dopiero 2 rok. Please write to me at - Krzychu, 06/08/2002

This is the home of the Italian Stallion. A sandwich that is so wonderful, and filling, that this place is mandated one hour stop on the fabled Nord East Bar Crawl (The Saturday before daylights savings). An institution for over 50 years, one has the chance to play some pool, darts, karaoke, or just hang out and drink another Nord East legend, the refreshing Grain Belt beer. If you get a chance, check out the mens urinal. Some of the most beautiful chunks of granite you'll ever relieve yourself in. A truly beautiful piece of craftsmanship. - Elstevo, 04/26/2002

Great drinks,sandwiches, and service. One time it was a grat railroad worker bar for people of Polish descent. Still has Polish atmosphere. Owners are polite and courteous if you behave yourself. - Greg Tetzman, 07/22/2001

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