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Buca Restaurant

11 S 12th

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Detail for Buca Restaurant : Restaurant, Italian

Standard Italian fare includes pastas, pizza, salads; try the tiramisu. Family style setting. Open 5pm M-F, 4:30pm Sat-Sun, call for closing times. - sys, 12/26/1999

Great food and wonderful. exciting environment at this underground restaurant. - Alan S., 04/30/2003

I was wondering if you guys made a pasta named aglio olio e peperoncino I just came back from Italy ( I was in the Military) and I ate at a resturaunt there and that was my favorite dish and I am would really like to have it again, if you don't make it do you know who does? I hope to hear from you. thanks trisha -, 01/28/2002

Hey EMMER, Brenna tells me your hard at work. Greetings.. -, 08/14/2001

Excellent atmosphere, familly ambiance, (Soprano and Paccino were there), - enuf25, 03/29/2001

i need a gift certificate, can you help? also, i would love to have the sauce recipe for your chicken marsala? i've tried numerous times to replicate it with no luck! thanks! maria -, 12/28/2000

We visited your place in Indianapolis (loved it) askes if there were any in Mich or Toledo Ohio. They told us to check the web for

Minneapolis , Buca Restaurant

your locations, this was the only one. Please respond and we'll appreciate it and more of your meals. Thanks, Howard LaBo Trenton, MI (1/2 way bet Detroit & Toledo)
-, 08/02/2000

In the men's bathroom there is a picture of a woman with a young man.It is a B&W picture and he is picking a strand of spaghetti that rests on her chest. She looks like one of those Jane Russell or Jane Mansfield types. Sultry and elegant beyond recognition.I have been looking for that picture ever since I went to your restaurant two years ago. Since then I have been there at least 14 times. The last time I took my wife's family to celebrate her nephew's graduation. And as always, we found exemplary service and food!. Let me know please, please where can I get that picture. I want it in MY kitchen!. Yours, Jaime Frank Rosa, M.D Appleton Wisconsin - Jaime Rosa, 07/24/1999

I have visited your restaurant in minneapolis twice, it is honelsty the best italian food I have ever had. I loved the food and I loved the atmosphere. The service was great and everyone was so friendly. I truely enjoyed my buca experience, and have told all my friends and family about it and now they love it too. Its a great place to go for get to gethers. thanks - jessica, 07/06/1999

I am writing you to recognize one of your locations as the most supportive and outstanding businesses in our area. The location of the Buca’s I am referring to is in Lombard Illinois. Your management team of Shannon, Michael and Craig are outstanding and make the place feel more at home than the TV show Cheers. We are so thrilled with the quality of service and meals that we purchased stock in your company and am looking forward supporting your efforts to bring this type of Italian home cooking to many other states. Keep up the good work. - The Bailey's, 06/28/1999

I just discovered your page surfing the net. I'm from Buca, a town with a population of 1 million in the province of Izmir, Turkey on the Aegean coast. Does the name of your restaurant have anything to do with our town? I'll visit your restaurant when I go to the States. Thanks for making the name of our town famous though most probably it was not your intention. - Ugur Altunay, 06/27/1999

It is always treat to dine at Buca. It is a family affair that even the little ones enjoy! The tiramisu is a must! - Molly - Minneapolis, 05/27/1999

I have been to your restaurant in Milwaukee and can honestly say this is the closest cooking to my grandma's than any Italian place I have ever been. And the atmosphere reminds me of holidays with my whole family when I was a kid. Keep up the good work! - Kevin Farner, 04/22/1999

Looking for opportunities in placing a place like Buca in Puerto Rico. Italian food is greatly appreciated and we only have Pizza Huts and some other privately own restaurants. My wife is in Mpls and visited your place two times already. If there is any opportunities let my know at Thanks - Charlie, 04/19/1999

Please,Please, open a place in Dallas! Been to the in Mpls and the Grand Opening in Seattle. We've been in Dallas for two years and haven't found a decent place for Italian food. I promise to pester you until I find out that you are coming here. I don't mind the wait (done it four times in Mpls and twice in Seattle) and I don't mind the noise. Please come here. Until next time-Nancy Baca d -, 02/10/1999

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