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850 Grand
St Paul

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Detail for Ciatti's : Restaurant, Italian

Regional Italian dishes include pasta primavera, fettuccine alfredo, and ravioli. Signature dishes: seafood lasagna, chicken parmigiana, and chicken marsala. - sys, 12/26/1999

Great service, good food but get some fresh parmeson cheese. That bowl of dried, flakes was about as appetizing as a green can of kraft. That is what I expect at the food court Sabarro's not at a nice place where I spend over $15 for a meal. Let me know if you change, I would like to try again. - Karen Sullivan, 02/10/2003

I had been very pleased with the chains of Ciatti’s Restaurants here in Minnesota until tonight. I had always found the Ciatti’s employees to be exceptionally courteous, hospitable, and considerate. Anyhow, my ruined night started around 5: 30 PM when I ordered for a party-sized chicken parmigiana, 2 house salads, and 2 breadsticks to go. I arrived to the Ciatti’s on Grand Avenue around 6 PM, went to the bar to pick up my order and noticed that my 2 orders of breadsticks was not indicated on the receipt. The bartender assured me that they come with the

St Paul , Ciatti's

party-sized chicken parmigiana so I paid my bill and headed to my annual gathering party. We set the table right away as we had a hungry nine year old with. I went through the Ciatti’s box and realized that there were neither breadsticks nor pasta with the chicken parmigiana. Thank goodness, there were 4 rolls. Our $49.06 dinner consisted of bread, salad, and breasted chicken in tomato sauce. I called Ciatti’s immediately after the gathering. The manager told me that their branch doesn’t have breadsticks and that the party-sized chicken parmigiana does not come with pasta. I asked the manager if this party-sized thing is new and he said yes. I suggested to him that he should instruct his employees to tell people that party-sized do not come with pasta and that they do not have breadsticks because (1) chicken parmigiana comes with noodles when you order regular size and (2) I wouldn’t want anybody go through the same embarrassment and experience. The manager apologized and that was the end of the call. With Ciatti’s reputation, I was disturbed

St Paul , Ciatti's

with the way this case was handled. $49.06 won’t change my life, but even a manager at McDonalds’ would have considered a refund or a certificate. Maybe I was wrong about the professionalism of Ciatti’s employees.
- Maydeu Ly, 11/26/2002

We brought our daugher to Ciatti's in St. Paul for her 19th birthday. It was a terrible experience. I called ahead and asked if we could bring along a birthday cake for her and was told by the young lady on the phone that it was no problem. When we arrived and were seated, the manager came over to our table and informed all of us that 'normally there was a one dollar per slice charge to slice a cake' but this would be 'waived' because I was not informed on the phone. He embarrassed our whole party and especially my daughter. It was very unprofessional and if he actually felt he had to bring up this issue he should have pulled myself or my husband aside. We did have a very good waiter who also seemed embarrassed over the cake issue. My thoughts....if you are spending over $100 at a restaurant for a meal and are approached with a petty issue such as this, do you think you would return to this restaurant?? The manager was very sarcastic and unprofessional. We will not return to this Ciatti's. - L. K. Holtz, 09/29/2000

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