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Corner Table

4257 Nicollet Ave
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Detail for Corner Table : Restaurant, American

Sorry folks, but the bread was just tasteless, the butter too hard to spread and the food (a risotto dish with vegetables) was just bland. The risotto itself tasted like Uncle Ben's turned into gruel, and the vegetables (carrot, brocolli and some mushrooms) were sauteed without much love. For some reason, the risotto was served in a serving bowl setting atop a rectangular plate (japanese?) on which the vegetables quickly cooled right off. I like my food hot. The two of us who chose the risotto were given chop sticks. Why? Who knows. Well, the staff was very nice, but not very informed about the food. And once again, the food was just not very good at all. Another member of our party had what they were calling 'paella'. Sorry, but that was like no paella I have ever seen or care to see again. Perhaps it was an off-day at the Corner Table. I hope so, because it is a cute and relaxed atmosphere. - scott, 02/02/2006

This restaurant is my new favorite. I am hard pressed to remember the last time I had such a great meal. While on the pricier side it was well worth it. We went in on a Saturday about 6:300 expecting a bit of a wait and were immediately greated by the host. He estimated that it would be about 20 minutes for a table of four, but that people like to linger. He gave us the wine list and we sat by the bar and just relaxed after about 10 minutes we grabbed space at the bar and got to watch Scott Pompach work. We were impressed by the relaxed but steady pace he kept up with individual care to each dish he put out. While at the bar we ordered a gnosh plate, as people were lingering longer than expected(I can't complain as we lingered until almost 11:00) The asorted nibbles included a hard salami that had just the right smokiness. About the time we finished the host started appologizing for the wait. We were enjoying watching the kitchen perform, the bottle of chianti we had ordered and Scot Pompach and staff were very attentive, but we were planning to see a movie later so we ordered at the bar.(We did somewhat reluctantly move to a table after finishing the appetizers course, but only because it was hard to talk amongst the four of us spread along the bar.) Having watched all the menu come out we were stuck what to order so we left it up to them with the Chef's Choice. Two of us did the Chef Choice with the wine flight. What followed were courses of delight, with wine beautifully paired to each offering. The most interesting to me was my main course of beef with pickled ginger and white beans with a fennel pesto, paired with a white wine which at first I thought was odd, but the pickled ginger was the key to bringing it together, a red clearly would not have worked. We didn't ever make our movie, but everyone raved. I highly recommend Corner Table and if you have the time, the Chef's Choice is the way to go, but judging from that I am sure it all will delight. - nslade, 05/01/2005

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