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Eli's Bar & Grill

1225 S Hennepin
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Detail for Eli's Bar & Grill : Restaurant, American

Entrees include seafood, pasta, and homemade soups; authentic urban atmosphere is a nice touch. Open 11am-1am. - sys, 12/26/1999

Eli's is wonderful. We celebrated a huge birthday event in 2008 and again in 2009. The food is wonderful. The value is very exceptional. The staff goes out of their way to be accommodating. We will be making this a yearly event along with every month or so. It's the best - even folks from California make the trip to this great bar and grill. - Lynda Lerum, 12/19/2009

Eli's is one of my favorite restaurants in the cities. It's got the best gourmet Mac & Cheese and a great steak in blue cheese appetizer. The food on the menu covers a good variety of entrees and sandwiches, I haven't been disappointed with any order. Atmosphere is cozy, it's definitely got a local air to it. Don't be deterred by the neon sign and 'bar' facade, it's actually quite nice inside and the food is way more upscale than 'bar food.' Check it out! - Vina Tieh, 02/25/2008

I can't wait to get over to Eli's. Johnny Mac has

Minneapolis , Eli's Bar and Grill

the golden touch - I'm sure it will soon be "The Place" in town. I love the photos and I think I know the building - cool location!
- Lohini Raj Mayo, 12/14/2007

Eli's is a great place to hang out. The bartenders are laid back and easy going. It isn't the 18+ KDWTeen crowd. Try the Honey Soy Wings, you will not be dissapointed. - Anon, 08/05/2006

Love Eli's. Their take on bruschetta is bold, flavorful and unique. Also like the location and atmosphere. It's small, but quaint. - A fan..., 07/12/2006

Eli's is cool spot..I am a loyal customer who is yet to receive a free drink...thats my only complaint..c'mon guys..take care of your peeps! - anonymous, 01/05/2006

The place used to be good but not anymore. The food is quite mediocre - pasta is cold and usually loaded with heavy cream. Sandwiches are bland. Atmosphere is OK except that the staff are NOT friendly and often act as though it is beneath them to serve you. - Dave, 12/30/2002

There's no more friendly, inviting urban hang than Eli's. The bartenders rock, the owners more than accomodating, the food devine. It's the spot to meet

Minneapolis , Eli's Bar and Grill

up with your truly good friends and loved ones.
- Mary E, 03/19/2003

Their 2 gourmet hotdogs and chips for 4.95 is the best lunch deal in town. - Mark, 11/02/2001

Best Chicken Wings (weekly special) in the World! - ak, 06/15/2001

I love Eli's. One thing I love about it is that it is not THE place to be and it is not super crowded. Great drinks, great lemon pasta. Not too SPENDIE. - Robyn, 09/28/2000

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