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Golooney's East Coast Pizza

2329 Hennepin

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Detail for Golooney's East Coast Pizza : Restaurant, Pizza

Open daily for lunch and dinner. Stop by this unassuming storefront for a seriously top-notch New York-style thin crust pizza. Delivery available. - sys, 09/19/2002

It's nothing to look at, but this Hennepin Avenue storefront serves a truly superior New York-style thin-crust pizza. It also delivers. Breakfast M-F. Lunch and dinner daily - sys, 03/12/2005

Golooney's is horrible. There's never any improvements. good coupons or anything that even shows that they try to out-do, their compentition. Whom ever owns the place needs to get a clue. We're in a new century and "change" is inevitable. They maybe at one time, ruled the roost, but now need to step it up a notch to step out amongst their competitors. Start by cleaning the place up. The tables suck and the bathrooms are a worse than going to a bar at midnight. Get a clue owners...who are either stuck in the 80's or have no clue. - across the street neighbor, 02/23/2009

So this is interesting....every time I call Golooney's they're "closed for the night"......They say they are open till 11:00....yet at 10:45....they're closed. That is only one example of many. I guess these guys don't want to make money.....a little suprising giving the hard times...but's their buisness. Just something to keep in mind. The owner/CEO of Gooloney's might want to do a little reconsideration. - anonymous, 01/21/2009

I love Golooney's, the guys are really cool and the food is really good. Enough said. - Caitlin, 08/28/2008

The so-called cooks at Golooney's are trampy and rude. Just the way I like them. There's this dude name Mel. He's a total gas. I'd like to punch him, but I'm afraid he'd kick my ass. - Melholm, 06/04/2008

I LOVE their food. But I am really tired of their disregard for customers. I have called and no one answers...yes, when they are supposed to be open. I have called and been placed on hold (where "hold" means they set the phone on the counter and you can hear them taking other orders) only to have it never picked up again (I waited for at least 20 minutes). So I often get an urge to eat there, but only do so if I happen to be stopping by in person and I know they will actually be able to take my order. - Beth, 11/09/2007

Just moved here from New York, and this is the best New York style pizza I've had. It reminds me of home. - Eric, 11/19/2007

Best Philly Cheese Steak in town, hands down! - Happy Joe, 11/01/2007

The worse sub EVER! I would much rather just run to Subway! They we're rude when we ordered and then the order was all wrong and the subs terrible! - anonymous, 06/15/2007

Golooney's Rules DudE! - The Keeks, 02/25/2007

Golooney's pizza is totally reminiscent of the great east coast pizza stands with its scents and sounds and friendliness...the homemade dough aroma, the sandwich grill sizzling and the attentive staff behind the counter. Out east extra toppings are never added to a great slice of cheese - less you take away from the melted calling flavorful cheeses running together with the olive oil, Italian tomato sauce and spices atop a true thin dough Italian crust - which further embellishes the taste and texture of a masterful slice of cheese pizza! As well, Golooney's grilled steak and cheese folded into their homemade, crusty Italian hero loaf is an authentic execution of the local Italian sub shops of my youth (with their special sauce an extra treat)! East coast raised and our family calling MN home for the past 20 years, since the discovery of Golooney's East Coast Pizza several years ago it has been our family's special pizza oasis. We tell everyone what a fun find this is. - awoodside, 12/24/2006

golooney's is the best, and my favorite. The guys are cute too - anonymous, 07/27/2006

Golooney's is the best! Cute workers too! - anonymous, 07/20/2006

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