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Hoa Bien Vietnamese Restaurant

1129 N University West
St Paul

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Detail for Hoa Bien Vietnamese Restaurant : Restaurant, Vietnamese

This place is great! My friends/family come in here for dinner often. The staff is very friendly and attentive. The Pho and egg rolls are my favorite dishes! If you're looking for a super fancy/top notch service place, you better go to a place DT mpls or something like that. I've seen some very snotty people come in there and act as if they're "someone special"... COME ON! This is a locally family owned restaurant and very inviting :) - Sara Johnson, 12/16/2010

Very inexpensive, food was authentic and very well put together, staff was very friendly and wiling to serve, I've seen some snobby people walk in there and be SO demanding-it's a neighborhood/family owned restaurant. Maybe they should've went downtown Minneapolis or to a place like Nami! People are so rude! I would recommend this restaurant to any of my friends and family :) - Minneapolis, 10/20/2008

The egg rolls are excellent.. i have sent many people to your restaurant and everybody loves it and thanks me for the experience.. Service is always good and people are friendly.. - Jesse Barttelt, 08/20/2008

Fabulous place to eat. Excellent service, our dining spot was bright and almost elegant. I was there for lunch and the food was delicious,one serving was enough for two. Veggies were delectable. I can't wait to go back and try another item on the menu. - Mary Catherine, 01/18/2008

The place is very nice and inexpensive. The staff is very helpful. I orderedthe 7 course beef, and they help and showed me how to cook it - anonymous, 11/05/2007

I have been eating at Hoa Bien for years, and am almost never disappointed. Nor have been any of the many friends I've introduced to it. Nothing fancy; just good, solid, delicious Vietnamese home cooking. (Although I suppose the new space might qualify as fancy!) Oh, and this is one of several local restaurants that many of my Vietnamese friends also frequent. - Constance, 03/07/2007

Food is great; awesome egg rolls, and can't beat the 'hot and spicy chicken.' Service is friendly. - JD, 02/17/2007

The staff are always nice. The food is consistent and great. And the prices are really reasonable. I go here pretty regularly (every other week or so) and the biggest problem I have ever had was that they ran out of iced tea lids. - m, 02/11/2007

Loved this place! Food wonderful! Service fast & great! Prices cheap!! Clean...will definitely go back!! And we have been to Hong Kong, China, Thailand & this is super! - Connie, 01/14/2007

Hmm... I like this place, I definitely love their Hot and Spicy chicken. - Alex, 01/11/2007

although the food is good, the service is sub-par. something is always missing from my order, and the last time i ordered take-out the order was incomplete. - jn, 11/26/2006

We love this restaurant. It has the bet egg rolls, and the kids love it. Good options for vegetarians. Friendly, fast service. Easy parking; their own adjacent lot. - tom, 11/17/2006

I admit theyve had an off night where staff seems disinterested since they opened in their new space. i assume its just growing pains of the new space.... Usually though the food is some of the best and most authentic vietnamese in the twin cities, and the service is just fine if not exemplary. Prices are good too. But go for the food. - jim, 10/17/2006

I tried it for the first time last night and really liked it. Our food was brought out to us, hot and fresh in 5 minutes (maybe less). I ate some of the best egg rolls I've ever had and our server was so sweet. I will go back often. - KT, 10/13/2006

This place leaves a lot to be desired. The service was horrible, the food was bland and cold. The server brought us our food and was never seen again. I would definitely not recommend this place. - anonymous, 05/03/2006

My family and I love this place. It was recommended by a friend of mine that is Vietnamese. He recommended it to my about 2 years ago. Now my family and I eat there once a week. We just love the freshness of the food and the friendly staff. Not to mention how reasonable the prices are. I really found a gold mine. -, 03/02/2001

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