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House of Wing

4030 N Cedarvale Drive

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Detail for House of Wing : Restaurant, Chinese

House of Wing is actually located in Eagan. It is a little place just off the beaten path. What you can expect from them is low prices large portions and great taste. This is hands down my favorite little dive. Try them and you will love them. My recomendations are the BBQ Pork, Eggrolls, Seasame Chicken, Pork Fried Rice. Trust me its worth the hunt to find this place - Mikey F, 02/07/2007

Indeed this place has been here for 40 yrs, my family built the building and opened it as a chinese restaurant in about 1965 or 1966. I spend my toddler years hanging out watching people cook. I don't believe we had a actual chinese chef in the beginning and the menu was very americanized chinese. Try it for a little bit of Eagan history. - Rob, 03/18/2009

I first heard of the House of Wing by word of mouth, hearing that they had excellent lo mein (and a fan of lo mein like myself couldn't resist trying it out!). The restaurant is out of the way along the Cedarvale Avenue, which from the looks of it has seen better days. One of the employees of the House said that perhaps the restaurant had been there for 40 years. Although the building and interior is a bit dated, it's a good place to bring the family and tends to be quite clean. You also feel very welcome when you arrive. The prices are excellent! Especially for their buffet. I love their sweet-style lo mein, which is less salty and had a lovely sweet, carmelized flavor to it. Using thinner egg noodles, they are very fun to slurp. And it's not just the lo mein! The sweet and sour fried dishes are fresh, crispy and juicy. The egg rolls are perfectly sized and very savory. It even features American dishes such as Burgers and fried fish (for those not convinced that Chinese is a wonderful cuisine!). Overall, this place is worth going a little out of the way for, and is a perfect example of not judging a book by it's cover. Some people would refer to this place as a 'dive', but I would say it's a historical landmark! College students, families and enjoyers of classic Americanized Chinese cuisine, this is a good place for you! - CariceLaur, 04/16/2007

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