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Jin's Chow Mein

129 N Willow Bend

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I get the chicken almond ding with extra spice all the time and it's delicious. I love their wonton soup as well. whenever I get a cold the wonton soup is my medicine. it's amazing how it can. - susan, 10/11/2010

Yes, lunch is a great value. $5.00 SPECIAL you can't beat that! Jin's includes an Main dish, Cream cheese Won tons with Fried rice or white. You get six different choices a day, my week is always plan by Jin's. Nice! And ofcourse their most famous Chow Mein dishes comprise of crispy noodles and your choice of regular,chicken, mushroom, subgum and much more. - Don, 10/08/2010

This place is awesome, for those who never experience good chinese food, Jin's is the place you need to go. I can never have enough of there food. They got a full menu. But chow mein is still the best. They deserve the victory of TOP 100 takeout. - dorthy, 09/16/2010

I have an addiction to Jin's food. I have eaten at least thousands of Chinese restaurants, but nothing compare to Jin's. Jin's is by far the best I've ever had. The restaurant is very clean, the staff very courteous. Even thou this is only a takeout place. I have lived in California all my life and have eaten at, pretty much, all the Chinese restaurants. I have found Jin's to be the best in quality. Great staff as well. Do yourself a favor, there are other decent Chinese restaurants in California, but Jin's wins hands down. - Jin's, 09/29/2010

Jin's has the BEST chow mein, and all their other dishes are great too! I drive from New Brighton just to get their food, so worth the trip! "A fan" - anonymous, 10/03/2008

Jin's has the best chicken chow mein I've ever had. I lived in New Hope for more than 30 years, and moved away four years ago. Jin's is one of the things I miss most! Sure wish I had that recipe - Julie, 01/26/2008

I left Minneapolis 30 years ago and never miss an opportunity when I return to have Jin's chow mein - the very best and it's as good today as it was then! Phyl Ocifer - anonymous, 09/06/2007

Jin's is about the best that I have found since I moved to Crystal. I use to live in White Bear Lake and loved Pagoda. Their Kung Pao is awesome. I usually order it extra spicy. It is a small hole in the wall place but that is what makes the food so good. - Kim, 04/06/2007

Jin's is the GREATEST! Chow Mein in the world!!! No one else even comes close I live in Florida and wished I could get it shipped here!!! They don't make good Chow Mein in fact it does'nt even compare nor look like the chow mein I was raised up on. - Debbie Newton, 06/21/2006

Jins have good food chow mein is the best i go there at least once every week and is inexpenisve - John, 10/12/2005

They've got decent food, but they're complete jerks about it if they make a mistake and you have to return it. - shrimpy, 09/15/2005

You have the best egg rolls and chicken chow mein in the northern suburbs. We come from Coon Rapids, MN to get it. - Sharon Nelson, 10/24/2004

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