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Joe Sensor's Grill-Sports Bar

4217 W 80th

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Totally Awesome if you're a Husker Fan. Go there on December 3rd, 2010. Big 12 championship. But get there early. - Randall Vahle, 11/23/2010

Awesome!! Drinks were served right away and I had a refill of water before my glass was even half empty- had some sort of a Hawaiian chicken salad that was to die for!! - bas Onalaska Wi, 03/26/2008

This place is good cuz it taste like rubber chicken bisquits. i like jose quervo and stoop a poo is a droopy lil love nugget - sheik condominium, 03/02/2008

Avoid this place! The service is extremely slow and poor. We waited 40 minutes for drinks and if you want to eat you better have a few hours available. When we wanted to speak to the manager about the quality of service, he was no where to be found. I have been there other times and the service is always bad. I will never go there again. And I could never recommend it to anyone. - Kandis, 08/13/2007

this place is awsome very fun go to often - mike, 03/14/2007

In April, 2006, Joe Sensor generously sponsored a fundraiser for my niece Taylor Jae Swanson-Hoese, 11 years old, advanced cancer. Joe's personal attentiveness, extreme kindness, generosity and deep caring for a child of Minnesota had an extreme impact on the hundreds of people who made this event a success. Today, August 31, 2006, after many months of excruciating chemo, boundless faith, and incessant determination by family, friends, and people from afar who we don't even know Taylor, this amazing girl was pronounced CANCER FREE. The Swanson-Hoese families are blessed. And we are grateful to Joe Sensor and his family at Joe Sensor's Grill-Sports Bar who contributed to Taylor's miracle. I'm just Taylor's aunt. I flew in from Chicago to take part in the event. But I will never forget the wonderful generosity experienced at Joe Sensor's on April 29, 2006, that went a long way toward giving hope to the healing of Taylor Jae Swanson-Hoese. God Bless everyone who helped make that happen. - Rebecca H, 08/31/2006

Joe's had great food and appetizers. Lots O fun and good service too. - Minnesotan in Florida, 06/17/2006

The abundance of cold unappetizing dishes proves thiat what we have here is the urban version of a 'townie bar'; doesn't have patrons so much as it has lite-beer swilling *furniture*. Check your taste buds and liver at the door. - Mikey, 10/31/2004

Great food and excellent service. Free meals on your birthday. Highly recommended. - Chris S., 03/15/2004

great food!!!!!!! - natalie, 01/17/2002

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