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La Casita Mexican Restaurant

6440 N Wayzata

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My husband and I stopped by LaCasita for the first time this Saturday April 7th at about 4:00 pm for an early dinner. The waitress knew nothing about the drink menu and despite our questions on the ingredient list for the Margaritas, she made no effort to answer our questions or get the information we requested. Therefore, we blindly ordered two Gold margaritas, with some unknown ingredient called something like chambro. When the waitress brought the drinks to use she said that the ingredient she didn't know was a rasberry flavoring. I told her that had I known that I would not have ordered it, so she would know that maybe she should learn the menu. We had every intention of drinking them since they were ordered. She said that she could get us something else as it would not be a problem. We thanked her and told her what we would prefer. The next thing we see is the Manager stomping to the table swishing the drinks in his hand. He begins to yell at us making a scene where all the other patrons are watching. He asks us if we ordered these drinks. We tell him we did. Then he proceeds to yell 'do you expect me to pour $10.00 worth of expensive liquor down the drain because you didn't know one of the ingredients?' He was embarassing us and we tried to explain what happened but he continued to make a scene and tried to shame us into accepting the drinks. I never did get to explain to him we intended on drinking them until the waitress offered to get us something else. I asked him why he was being so rude to us and he snapped back that he was not being rude. We were shocked at his behavior and finally allowed him to leave the drinks so he would just go away and leave us alone and stop yelling. If it were not for the embarassment of husband, I would have promptly left the restaurant. The Manager came back later and said he would only charge us for one of the drinks. To be honest, I would not have minded if they charged us for both of the drinks and just brought us what we wanted and skipped the whole yelling scene. It was totally inappropriate and I can assure you that we will NEVER return to LaCasita. I cannot believe that you let a hot head like that run your establishment. He really needs to get some management training and develop some interpersonal skills. - Stefanie Nichols, 04/10/2001

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