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Minneapolis/St Paul


A unique perspective
on Tokyo, Japan
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Minneapolis Restaurants     [ G ]

G Street Cafe1300 N Godward Northeast612-378-0131Minneapolis
Gabby's Saloon & Eatery1900 N Marshall Northeast612-788-8239Minneapolis
Gabe's by The ParkAmerican991 N Lexington Pkwy651-646-3066St Paul
Galactic PizzaItalian/Pizza2917 Lyndale Ave612-824-9100Minneapolis
Gallery 8Lunch725 Vineland Pl612-374-3701Minneapolis
Gallivans-on-WabashaAmerican/Live music354 N Wabasha St651-227-6688St Paul
Garcia's On 7th1199 N 7th West651-291-8491St Paul
Garcia's Restaurant338 N Saint Peter651-227-6205St Paul
Gardens of SalonicaGreek19 5th St NE612-378-0611Minneapolis
Gasthaus Bavarian HunterGerman8390 Lofton Ave651-439-7128Stillwater
Gasthof Zur GemutlichkeitGerman/Bar2300 University Ave NE612-781-3860Minneapolis
Gatlin Brothers Music City402 E Broadway612-858-8000Minneapolis
George's In The Park1313 N Nicollet612-359-2165Minneapolis
Georgia's Best Steak House444 N Cedar651-227-4121St Paul
Georgio's 2451 S Hennepin612-374-5131Minneapolis
German Hot Dog Company 121 S 8th St612-332-8240Minneapolis
Gijo's1811 Selby651-647-1265St Paul
Ginelli's PizzaPizza200 S 6th St612-332-0344Minneapolis
Ginelli's PizzaPizza121 S 8th St612-332-6308Minneapolis
Giorgio on FranceItalian4924 S France Ave952-928-0323Edina
Giorgio on HennepinItalian2451 Hennepin612-374-5131Minneapolis
Giorgio On LakeItalian1601 W Lake612-822-7071Minneapolis
Gippers Sports Bar & Grill4608 N Excelsior612-927-8719Minneapolis
Giuseppe Italian Ristorante1435 N Silver Lake Northwest651-631-2744St Paul
Giuseppe's Pizza2251 N Larpenteur East # B651-777-8827St Paul
Gladstone Cafe (closed) 75 N 5th WestclosedSt Paul
GlockenspielEuropean/German605 W 7th St651-292-9421St Paul
Gluek's RestaurantBar/American16 N 6th St612-338-6621Minneapolis
Goby's Grille & Pub472 N Snelling South651-690-5731St Paul
Gold Fountain Chinese Rstrnt2575 N Fairview North651-639-1291St Paul
Gold Leaf2216 N County D West651-631-2730St Paul
Golden Bowl Chinese1813 N Riverside612-338-4238Minneapolis
Golden Chicken2402 N Penn North612-588-0888Minneapolis
Golden Chicken2928 N Chicago612-827-5711Minneapolis
Golden China Restaurant4108 N Lancaster Lane North612-559-9030Minneapolis
Golden China Restaurant4132 N Lancaster Lane North612-559-9030Minneapolis
Golden Chow Mein Restaurant1105 N 7th West651-228-1276St Paul
Golden Dragon Restaurant8459 W Broadway612-424-1220Minneapolis
Golden Gate Cafe1464 N University West651-646-1091St Paul
Golden Pot5554 N 34th South612-729-1250Minneapolis
Golden Valley House-Sarah's4820 N Highway 55612-588-0511Minneapolis
Golooney's East Coast PizzaPizza2329 Hennepin612-377-8555Minneapolis
Good Earth Restaurant3460 W 70th612-925-1001Minneapolis
Good Earth Restaurant1901 N Highway 36 West651-636-0956St Paul
Goodfellow'sAmerican40 S 7th St612-332-4800Minneapolis
Gourmet GalleryAmerican15 S 9th St612-332-3361Minneapolis
Gourmet Village7890 N University Ave NE612-572-2567Minneapolis
Grampa Tony's631 N Snelling South651-690-3297St Paul
Grand Cafe1659 Grand651-690-1393St Paul
Grand Ole CreameryIce Cream/Dessert750 Grand651-293-1655St Paul
Grand Shanghai Express1326 Grand651-698-1901St Paul
Grand ThaiThai758 Grand Ave651-293-9124St Paul
Grandma Gebhard121 S 8th # 270612-338-3588Minneapolis
Grandma Gebhard110 S 7th # 118612-338-2252Minneapolis
Grandma's Kitchen2627 E Lake612-724-3424Minneapolis
Grandma's Saloon & DeliAmerican/Italian1810 N Washington South612-340-0516Minneapolis
Grandma's Saloon & Deli4301 W 80th612-897-0533Minneapolis
Grandview Grill1818 Grand651-698-2346St Paul
Great China3313 E 50th612-721-6276Minneapolis
Great Dragon2918 N Pentagon Drive612-789-0560Minneapolis
Great Dragon4610 N Nicollet612-827-0505Minneapolis
Great Dragon1916 N Chicago612-879-9910Minneapolis
Great Dragon Chinese887 N Arcade651-774-3853St Paul
Great Dragon Restaurant8072 N Brooklyn612-425-0009Minneapolis
Great Steak & Fry Company388 S Minneapolis612-786-1868Minneapolis
Great Steak & Fry Company40 S 7th # 323612-333-3990Minneapolis
Great Wall Chinese RestaurantChinese4515 S France Ave612-927-4439Minneapolis
Great Waters Brewing Co.Brew pub/American426 St Peter651-224-2739St Paul
Greek Plus Deli720 N Washington Southeast612-331-4890Minneapolis
Green Mill RestaurantItalian/Pizza2705 N Annapolis Lane North612-553-9000Minneapolis
Green Mill RestaurantItalian/Pizza4501 N France South612-925-5400Minneapolis
Green Mill RestaurantItalian/Pizza2626 N Hennepin612-374-2131Minneapolis
Green Mill RestaurantItalian/Pizza1000 N Gramsie651-482-1600St Paul
Green Mill RestaurantItalian/Pizza6025 Hudson651-735-1000St Paul
Green Mill RestaurantItalian/Pizza145 N Rosedale Shopping Center651-633-2100St Paul
Green Mill RestaurantItalian/Pizza57 N Hamline South651-690-0539St Paul
Green Mill RestaurantItalian/Pizza1595 W Highway 36651-633-2100Roseville
Greenstreets Apple Valley7543 N 147th West651-432-5333St Paul
Grill Room1500 N Washington South612-333-4646Minneapolis
Grobe's Crystal Cafe2732 N Douglas Drive North612-595-0655Minneapolis
Groveland TapAmerican1834 St Clair Ave651-699-5058St Paul
Gulden's Supper Club2999 N Highway 61651-482-0384St Paul
Gustino's (closed)Italian30 S 7th FL 6closedMinneapolis
Gypsy Curry HouseIndian459 W 79th St952-949-0428Chanhassen
Gyro & Grill329 N Gardens612-854-7800Minneapolis
A unique perspective
on Tokyo, Japan
is just a click away!

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