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Minneapolis/St Paul


A unique perspective
on Tokyo, Japan
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Minneapolis Restaurants     [ H ]

Haefner's Sports Cafe1560 N White Bear North651-774-9091St Paul
Hai-Nam Express367 Selby651-221-0105St Paul
Hamburger Joint2521 N Central Ave NE612-781-6658Minneapolis
HamdiAfrican818 E Lake612-823-9660Minneapolis
Hamlin's Coffee Shop 512 N Nicollet612-333-3876Minneapolis
Hanny's Steak HouseAmerican1300 N Nicollet Mall612-339-9900Minneapolis
Happy Chef Restaurant2570 N Cleveland North651-636-2800St Paul
Harborside Restaurant & Lounge388 N 9th612-459-2129Saint Paul Park
Hard Rock CafeAmerican600 Hennepin Ave952-285-7625Minneapolis
Harmony'sAmerican1001 Marquette612-397-4927Minneapolis
Harry Singh's CaribbeanWest Indian2653 S Nicollet Ave612-729-6181Minneapolis
Healthy Express126 S Minneapolis612-729-6181Minneapolis
Hearthside Pizza1641 N Rice651-488-0549St Paul
HeartlandAmerican1806 Clair Ave651-699-3536St Paul
Heartland Cafe 825 Nicollet612-339-5100Minneapolis
Heartthrob Cafe (closed) 30 E 7th StclosedSt Paul
Heidi's Chalet419 N Robert North651-292-8982St Paul
Hell's KitchenAmerican/Brunch80 S 9th St612-332-4700Minneapolis
Herge's Bar & RestaurantBar/American981 N University West651-646-9283St Paul
Herkimer Pub and BreweryAmerican/Cuban2922 Lyndale Ave S612-821-0101Minneapolis
Hey City Theater824 N Hennepin612-333-9206Minneapolis
Hibachi-San372 S Minneapolis612-927-4439Minneapolis
Hickory Hut320 E Lake612-824-8802Minneapolis
Hideaway Cafe 400 N 1st North612-333-0991Minneapolis
Higgins' Pub1420 N 7th West651-224-8482St Paul
Higher Grounds Coffee Bar3151 N Lake Johanna651-633-3773St Paul
Highland GrillAmerican771 Cleveland South651-690-1173St Paul
Hitz Sports Grill & Night Club955 N Seminary651-488-7208St Paul
Ho Ho Gourmet1985 N Old Hudson651-731-0316St Paul
Ho MeiChinese1676 Suburban Ave651-771-1790St Paul
Ho Toy Cafe305 N Central Ave SE612-379-2209Minneapolis
Hoa Bien Vietnamese RestaurantVietnamese1129 N University West651-647-1011St Paul
Hoban Restaurant1989 N Silver Bell651-688-3447St Paul
Hobo's Italian Pie2750 N Lake Shore651-483-4435St Paul
Hoe Kow Chow Mein Service2201 N 44th North612-521-1161Minneapolis
Hoggetti's Pizza2416 N Central Ave NE612-789-2971Minneapolis
Hoggsbreath BarBar/American2504 N Rice651-484-7067St Paul
Holiday House1600 N Cedar651-429-5363St Paul
Holy Land Deli1264 N Robert South651-552-9660St Paul
Hong Kong Cafe1690 N McKnight North651-770-1721St Paul
Hong Kong Kitchen6562 N University Ave NE612-571-0600Minneapolis
Hong Kong NoodlesChinese901 Washington SE612-379-9472Minneapolis
Hong Kong RestaurantChinese7828 Portland952-886-3900Bloomington
Hong Wong Restaurant2139 N Cliff651-452-0086St Paul
Honors Cafe2552 N Nicollet612-871-3826Minneapolis
Hooter's404 E Broadway612-854-3110Minneapolis
Hope's Chow Mein & Chinese8200 N Highway 65 Northeast612-780-1918Minneapolis
Hope's Chow Mein (closed) 7627 N Lyndale SouthclosedMinneapolis
Hot City Pizza1017 N 7th West651-690-1893St Paul
Hot Dogs & More50 N Signal Hills Center651-451-9348St Paul
Hot Dogs & More1595 N Highway 36 West651-636-4101St Paul
Hot Wok7515 N France South612-546-8965Minneapolis
Hot Wok405 N 87th Lane Northeast612-783-0200Minneapolis
House of Breakfast Plus3733 N Chicago612-823-3703Minneapolis
House of Hui's6800 N Humboldt North612-560-0240Minneapolis
House of Liang7705 N 147th West651-431-4144St Paul
House of Ming2726 W 43rd612-920-8175Minneapolis
House of Teng1053 N Highway 96 West651-482-8151St Paul
House of WingChinese4030 N Cedarvale Drive651-454-7200Eagan
House of Wong1163 N Larpenteur West651-488-6687St Paul
House of Yep Chinese828 N White Bear North651-735-1600St Paul
Hovie's1450 N Yankee Doodle651-452-2753St Paul
Huberts Bar & RestaurantAmerican601 N Chicago612-332-6062Minneapolis
Hugo's7600 N Parklawn612-831-4520Minneapolis
Hui's Chow Mein1118 N Lowry North612-522-0601Minneapolis
Huie's Chow Mein5358 N Chicago612-824-5354Minneapolis
Hunan Chinese Restaurant8066 N Morgan Circle South612-881-2280Minneapolis
Hunan Chinese RestaurantChinese380 Cedar651-224-7588St Paul
Hunan Garden Restaurant1304 N Town Centre Drive651-452-0905St Paul
Hunan Palace Chinese Rstrnt7061 N 10th North651-735-7306St Paul
Huong Sen RestaurantVietnamese1702 Grand651-690-2728St Paul
A unique perspective
on Tokyo, Japan
is just a click away!

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