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A unique perspective
on Tokyo, Japan
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Minneapolis Restaurants     [ S ]

Safari RestaurantAfrican1424 N Nicollet612-872-4604Minneapolis
Saffron Restaurant and LoungeMediterranean/Eclectic123 N 3rd St612-746-5533Minneapolis
Saigon RestaurantVietnamese601 University Ave W651-225-8751St Paul
Saji-Ya RestaurantAsian/Sushi695 Grand Ave651-292-0444St Paul
Sakura RestaurantJapanese350 St Peter St651-224-0185St Paul
Sallie's Soul and Creole RestaurantSoul Food/Creole1628 E Lake St612-728-9490Minneapolis
Sally's Saloon & Eatery712 N Washington Southeast612-331-3231Minneapolis
Salsa a la SalsaMexican1420 Nicollet Mall612-813-1970Minneapolis
SamaiJapanese890 E 7th St651-771-2807St Paul
Sample RoomEuropean/American2124 Marshall St NE612-789-0333Minneapolis
Sandee's Restaurant6490 N Central Ave NE612-571-2140Minneapolis
Sandwich Factory Incorporated7300 N Metro # 165612-831-8877Minneapolis
Sandwich Giant353 N 15th North612-451-9422South St Paul
SantoriniMediterranean9920 N Wayzata612-546-6722Minneapolis
Sapor Cafe & BarInternational428 N Washington Ave612-375-1971Minneapolis
Sapphire Dragon Vietnamese3035 N White Bear North651-779-8623St Paul
Savories BistroBistro108 N Main St651-430-0702Stillwater
Savoy Inn & Pizza1993 N Burns651-731-1068St Paul
SawatdeeThai8501 S Lyndale612-888-7177Minneapolis
SawatdeeThai607 S Washington612-338-6451Minneapolis
SawatdeeThai2650 Hennepin612-377-4418Minneapolis
Sawatdee Bar & CafeThai/Sushi118 N 4th St612-373-0840Minneapolis
Schlotzsky's5320 N Wayzata612-545-1328Minneapolis
Schlotzsky's Deli3425 W 66th612-926-2428Minneapolis
Schumacher'sContinental212 W Main St952-758-2133New Prague
Scoreboard Pizza6816 N Humboldt North612-566-4455Minneapolis
Scott Ja-Mama's Barbecue3 W Diamond Lake612-823-4450Minneapolis
Scotties Knickerbocker1501 S 6th612-375-1766Minneapolis
Scully's Broiler & Bar1321 E 78th612-854-0107Minneapolis
Seafood PalaceChinese/Seafood2523 Nicollet Ave612-874-7721Minneapolis
Seasons Inn1155 N Montreal651-698-0132St Paul
Seasons Restaurant & Lounge12800 N Bunker Prairie Northwest612-755-4444Minneapolis
Sena Cafe684 N Snelling North651-644-2068St Paul
Serlin's CafeAmerican1124 N Payne651-776-9003St Paul
Seventh Street Deli465 N Wabasha North651-224-7579St Paul
Seward Community CafeVegetarian2129 E Franklin612-332-1011Minneapolis
Sexton Cafe 527 S 7th612-333-6117Minneapolis
Sgt Peppers1285 N Geneva North651-738-7052St Paul
Sgt Preston'sAmerican221 N Cedar South612-338-6146Minneapolis
Shang Hai Star901 N Washington Southeast612-379-9472Minneapolis
Shangri-La III2552 N 7th East651-770-1748St Paul
Shangri-La Restaurant1871 N Robert South651-455-1251St Paul
Shannon Kelly's395 N Wabasha North651-292-0905St Paul
Shanty Town Grill8512 N Pillsbury612-881-7223Minneapolis
Sharky's Grill & Bar4880 N Central Ave NE612-571-8643Minneapolis
Sheik's Palace RoyaleGentleman's/Bar115 S 4th612-341-2332Minneapolis
Shells Cafe1550 E 79th612-854-3382Minneapolis
Shelly's RestaurantAmerican6501 N Wayzata952-541-9900Minneapolis
Shenanigin's Sports Bar499 N Payne651-771-7890St Paul
Shish Mediterranean GrillMediterranean1668 Grand651-690-2212Minneapolis
Shorty & Wags Country Bar3006 N Lyndale South612-824-7859Minneapolis
Shorty & Wags-Wings & RibsWings/Ribs3753 S Nicollet612-822-0619Minneapolis
Shuang Cheng RestaurantChinese1320 4th St SE612-378-0208Minneapolis
Siam Cafe331 E Lake612-823-7505Minneapolis
Sichuan Restaurant7239 N Cedar Lake South612-546-1773Minneapolis
Sidney'sPizza/American917 Grand651-227-5000St Paul
Sidney'sEclectic3330 Pilot Knob Rd651-454-6400Eagan
Sidney's Pizza CafeAmerican/Pizza3520 N Galleria612-925-2002Minneapolis
Sidney's Pizza Cafe (closed)American/Pizza2120 N HennepinclosedMinneapolis
Signature CafeMediterranean130 Warwick SE612-378-0237Minneapolis
Silver Spoon6700 N Penn South612-866-4828Minneapolis
Sindbad Mideastern BakeryMediterranean/Middle Eastern2528 S Nicollet612-871-6505Minneapolis
Sing's Chow Mein Take Out5006 N Xerxes South612-926-7451Minneapolis
Singapore!Chinese1715 Beam651-777-7999Maplewood
Singapore!Chinese5554 S 34th Ave612-777-7999Minneapolis
Sir Jacks5356 N Chicago612-823-3801Minneapolis
Siri's Oriental Restaurant4440 N Highway 61 North651-653-9781St Paul
Sizzling Wok3540 N Winnetka North612-593-9589Minneapolis
SkyroomAmerican700 Nicollet Mall612-375-6936Miinneapolis
SkywaterAmerican/Hilton1001 Marquette612-397-4927Minneapolis
Skyway Wok 250 S 2nd St612-673-9669Minneapolis
Skyway Yogurt45 S 7th612-339-2609Minneapolis
Smoke House500 E Lake612-824-0558Minneapolis
Snakksttop Gourmet Brathouse 612 N 5th St612-659-1100Minneapolis
Snelling Embers1700 N Snelling North651-645-8802St Paul
Snuffy's Malt Shop1125 N Larpenteur West651-488-0241St Paul
Snuffy's Malt Shop244 N Cleveland South651-690-1846St Paul
Soba's (closed)Continental2558 N Lyndale SouthclosedMinneapolis
Soho CafePizza2532 Hennepin612-377-7996Minneapolis
Sole RestaurantKorean/Karaoke684 N Snelling651-644-2068St Paul
SoleraSpanish900 Hennepin Ave612-338-0062Minneapolis
Song Hay Chinese Restaurant8478 N Central Ave NE612-780-9524Minneapolis
Sophia RestaurantContinental65 Main SE612-379-1111Minneapolis
South China Island Inn2350 N Palmer Drive651-633-6712St Paul
South China Island Inn1851 N Saint Paul651-770-9479St Paul
South China Island Inn II1420 N Rice651-488-7849St Paul
Southpoint Express1650 W 82nd612-885-5826Minneapolis
Southside Grille806 E Franklin612-870-1700Minneapolis
Southview Restaurant229 N 13th South612-552-7983South St Paul
Spaghetti Shop3463 W Broadway612-522-7383Minneapolis
Spanky's Bar & Grill825 N Jefferson651-227-6315St Paul
Sparky's Bar & Grill2001 N University Ave SE612-378-8882Minneapolis
Spill the WineAmerican/Winery1101 Washington Ave612-339-3388Minneapolis
Spinnaker's Restaurant4940 N Highway 61 North651-429-5393St Paul
SpoonriverContemporary720 S 2nd St612-436-2236Minneapolis
Sports Garden1638 N Rice651-489-8466St Paul
Sportsman's Restaurant9939 N Bluebird Northwest612-755-6680Minneapolis
Square Peg2021 E Hennepin612-378-0855Minneapolis
Sri Lanka RestaurantSri Lankan3226 W Lake612-926-0110Minneapolis
Sri-Lanka Curry House (closed) 2821 N HennepinclosedMinneapolis
St Clair BroilerAmerican1580 Saint Clair651-698-7055St Paul
St Martin's TableVegetarian2001 N Riverside612-339-3920Minneapolis
St Paul GrillAmerican350 Market St651-224-7455St Paul
StaccatoAmerican1150 Marquette612-375-9009Minneapolis
StageheadAmerican/International219 Bush ST651-388-6581Red Wing
Stampede Steakhouse0 N Mall of America612-883-8773Minneapolis
Steak & Ale Restaurant1893 N Highway 36 West651-633-9083St Paul
Steak Escape344 N Gardens612-858-9432Minneapolis
Steak Express8154 E River612-780-1100Minneapolis
Stella's Fish Cafe & Prestige Oyster BarSeafood1400 W Lake St612-824-TUNAMinneapolis
Stephen's Family Restaurant925 N 45th Northeast612-571-4351Minneapolis
Sticks Restaurant/Acme ComedyAmerican708 N 1st612-338-6393Minneapolis
Stockmen's Restaurant501 N Farwell612-455-9719South St Paul
Stone's Fine BBQ1532 N University West651-646-3861St Paul
Strudel & NudelEuropean/Lunch2605 S Nicollet612-874-0113Minneapolis
Stuart Anderson's Cattle Co4470 W 78th Circle612-835-1225Minneapolis
Stuart Anderson's Cattle Co. 2750 N Snelling Ave651-636-4145Roseville
Stub & Herb's227 N Oak Southeast612-379-1880Minneapolis
Studio Restaurant2400 N 3rd South612-870-3180Minneapolis
Submarine Shop & Bakery 401 S 2nd Ave #210612-250-SUBSMinneapolis
Subs 'n' Cones1340 N Coon Rapids Northwest612-754-1988Minneapolis
Sui Yep Cafe1010 N Payne651-776-0657St Paul
SummitAmerican406 Main St651-388-2846Red Wing
Sun Saloon & Restaurant1528 N University Ave NE612-781-4405Minneapolis
Sunny Side Up CafeAmerican2706 N Lyndale South612-870-4817Minneapolis
Sunsets of WoodburyAmerican700 Commons Dr651-735-1997Woodbury
Sunsets on Wayzata BayAmerican700 E Lake St952-473-5253Wayzata
Sunshine Factory Restaurant 7600 N 42nd North763-535-7000Minneapolis
Supatra's Thai Cuisine (closed)Thai289 E 5th StclosedSt Paul
Susan's Coffehouse & Deli2399 N University West651-644-7906St Paul
Sushi BarSushi615 S 2nd Ave612-752-9585Minneapolis
Sushi SawatdeeJapanese122 N 4th St612-375-9811Minneapolis
Sushi TangoJapanese3001 S Hennepin612-822-7787Minneapolis
Sushi TangoJapanese8352 Tamarack Village651-578-0064Woodbury
Swede Hollow CafeCoffee/American725 E 7th St651-776-8810St Paul
Sweeney's Saloon & CafeAmerican96 N Dale North651-221-9157St Paul
Sweet Lorraine'sAmerican/Mexican2403 E 38th612-728-0426Minneapolis
Sweetski's Bakery CafeDessert3544 S Grand612-521-7401Minneapolis
Sweetwater Grill and BarAmerican/Best Western161 St Anthony Blvd651-224-6373St Paul
Sydney Maes Cafe505 N Highway 169 North # 45612-591-6041Minneapolis
Szechuan Express (closed) 9818 N Aldrich SouthclosedMinneapolis
Szechuan Express (closed) 2650 N HennepinclosedMinneapolis
Szechuan Star Restaurant3655 N Hazelton612-835-7610Minneapolis
A unique perspective
on Tokyo, Japan
is just a click away!

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