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Minneapolis/St Paul


A unique perspective
on Tokyo, Japan
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Minneapolis Restaurants     [ T ]

T & T Galley901 N Southview651-451-0146St Paul
T J'S Family Restaurant-Edina7100 N Amundson612-941-2005Minneapolis
T K Nick's Restaurant604 N Lilac Drive North612-521-8825Minneapolis
Table of Contents (closed)American1648 GrandclosedSt Paul
Table of Contents RestaurantAmerican1310 N Hennepin612-339-1133Minneapolis
Taco MorelosMexican14 W 26th St612-870-0053Minneapolis
Taco MorelosMexican2 W 66th St612-243-9699Richfield
Taco's Plus60 N Nathan Lane North612-591-0091Minneapolis
Tai Pan Restaurant1022 N Highway 96 East651-426-7737St Paul
Tai Peng ExpressChinese1540 E Lake St612-724-8888Minneapolis
Tai-Peng Express718 W Lake612-827-5262Minneapolis
Tall Tales Cafe3320 E 54th612-729-6501Minneapolis
Tally's DocksideAmerican/Bar4440 S Lake Ave651-429-1959White Bear Lake
Tam-Tam's African RestaurantAfrican605 Cedar Ave S612-339-0854Minneapolis
Tandoor Restaurant India House8062 N Morgan Circle South612-885-9060Minneapolis
Tanpopo Noodle ShopJapanese367 Selby Ave651-228-9967St Paul
TaschioMediterran106 N 3rd612-672-9977Minneapolis
Taste of IndiaIndian5617 Wayzata612-541-4865Minneapolis
Taste of IndiaIndian1745 E Cope Ave651-773-5477Maplewood
Tasty Express2751 N Minnehaha612-724-3183Minneapolis
Tasty PizzaPizza875 45th Ave. NE763-571-2722Minneapolis
Tavern on GrandAmerican656 Grand Ave651-228-9030St Paul
Taxxi - An American BistroAmerican1300 Nicollet Mall612-370-1248Minneapolis
Tea For Two2301 N 37th Northeast612-789-7208Minneapolis
Tea House RestaurantChinese88 Nathan Lane763-544-3422Plymouth
Ted & Jerry's Sub Station2723 N Lexington North651-486-8655St Paul
Ted Cook's 19th Hole BarbequeAmerican2814 E 38th St612-721-2023Minneapolis
TejasSouthwestern3910 W 50th St952-926-0800Edina
Temple Restaurant and BarAsian/French1201 Harmon Pl612-767-3770Minneapolis
Tequilaberry's (closed) 133 N Coon Rapids NorthwestclosedMinneapolis
TerlizzoItalian821 Raymond Ave651-523-0773St Paul
Three FishMediterranean/Seafood3070 Excelsior612-920-2800Minneapolis
Three Sister Asian Cuisine11455 N Round Lake Northwest612-422-0664Minneapolis
Tiffany Bar & Grille2051 N Ford Pkwy651-690-4747St Paul
Timber Lodge Steakhouse8355 N University Ave NE612-780-6323Minneapolis
Timber Lodge Steakhouse5500 N Excelsior612-929-8059Minneapolis
Timber Lodge Steakhouse1699 N Robert South651-455-5229St Paul
Timber Lodge Steakhouse1655 N County B2 West651-628-0350St Paul
Timbers Restaurant & Lounge0 N 494 & 24th612-854-1771Minneapolis
Times Bar & CafeAmerican/Dancing201 E Hennepin612-617-8098Minneapolis
Tin CupAmerican/Breakfast1220 Rice St651-487-7967St Paul
Tin FishSeafood3000 Lake Calhoun Pkwy612-370-4883Minneapolis
TiramisuItalian1795 A Radio Dr651-734-9552Woodbury
To Chau823 N University West651-291-2661St Paul
Tobie's Tavern23 N 6th612-376-9614Minneapolis
Toby's On The LakeAmerican249 N Geneva651-739-1600St Paul
Tony Michael's Southern Cookin (Closed)3765 N Bloomington612-722-0436Minneapolis
Tony Roma's8301 N Northdale612-835-3333Minneapolis
Tony Roma's346 N Mall of America612-854-7940Minneapolis
Tootie's On Lowry2706 N Lowry North612-529-0200Minneapolis
Top Diner 4350 N Lyndale North612-521-3388Minneapolis
Totino's Italian Kitchen 523 Central Ave NE612-379-9105Minneapolis
Tour Cafe4924 N France South612-929-1010Minneapolis
Town Talk Diner 2707 N East Lake612-722-1312Minneapolis
Trattoria Da VinciItalian400 Sibley St651-222-4050St Paul
TreVina Italian Steak HouseItalian200 N Concord Exchange651-209-6854St Paul
Trieste CafeFrench10 S 5th612-333-4658Minneapolis
Trieu Chau Restaurant500 N University West651-222-6148St Paul
TrocaderosAmerican/Cheescake107 3rd St612-465-0440Minneapolis
Trotter's Cafe & BakeryAmerican232 N Cleveland North651-645-8950St Paul
Truckstop Cafe2400 E Hennepin612-379-1267Minneapolis
True ThaiThai2627 E Franklin Ave612-375-9942Minneapolis
Tryg'sContinental3118 W Lake St612-920-7777Minneapolis
Tucci BenucchItalian/Mall of America114 W Market # W114612-853-0200Minneapolis
Tuggs River SaloonLive Music/Bar219 N Main St SE612-379-4404Minneapolis
Tulips Restaurant452 Selby651-221-1061St Paul
Turtle Bread CompanyDeli/Bakery3421 W 44th St612-924-6013Minneapolis
Turtle Bread CompanyDeli/Bakery120 S 6th St612-455-2552Minneapolis
Tuscano's Italian DelicatessenDeli/Italian27 S 7th St612-333-4230Minneapolis
Twin City Bites625 N Marquette612-371-4315Minneapolis
Two Guys From Italy7495 N France South612-831-3031Minneapolis
A unique perspective
on Tokyo, Japan
is just a click away!

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