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Nankin Cafe (closed)

2 S 7th

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RatingRatingRatingRatingRating     Rating: 5 planets.
     I worked there and loved all the food. I don't know if any of the cooks are alive or if anyone has the recipes but they would make a fortune if they would do what the Lincoln Dell did and publish a recipe book.
           - Punky .. Feb 28, 2018 17:51:51

Loved, loved, loved that place! My girlfriends and I always ate lunch there when we had a shopping day in "the cities". Loved their chow mien; and loved eating up in the balcony! I lived in Cokato and rode into Mpls. with my dad in the morning and shopped all day. This was back in the 60's. - Karen, 12/19/2011

was the best chow mein or chop suey ever-served with much ambience- the egg foo young was out of this world,as well as their whole menu was- I heard that the chow mein was coming to city walk in woodbury july 1st- I will be there for sure-supposed to be the original Nankin recipe---I am counting the days!!!!! - k.olson, 06/25/2011

My parents starting taking me to Nankins when I was just a little girl. Even as a child I knew this was the best Chinese food in town. I've look high and low for food that taste like Nankin's. I'm 60 yrs old and I can still taste their chpo suey chow mein egg roll and the pressed duck. If any out

Minneapolis , Nankin Cafe

there has the recipe for any one of these dishes please post
- Annette, 05/16/2011

I remember my first time at the old Nankin was when I was seven years old. We came up from southeastern Minnesota and stayed in a downtown hotel. That evening we went to dinner at the Nankin and then a movie (what a choice of theaters - all legitimate). The next morning we would have breakfast at the Forum ( it was a former theater). The food at the Nankin was absolutely superb. It still was many years when I went there at lunch time with my girlfriend who later became my wife. No other restaurant made pressed duck the way they did, although the Fu Chu came close. We miss it terribly. - Mike S., 05/31/2011

We moved to Minnesota in 1976. Nankin was the place to go to celebrate for our family. I loved the plain chow mein. I had it many times since and none compares. As an adult I went almost every weekend. The decor/atmosphere and late night dining was all that and a bag of chips! I've, for years have tried to replicate the plain chow mein recipe to no avail, but now as a culinarian who loves international favors...I'm at the stove again tring to reproduce my old favorite. Close but not there yet! Please come back........ Or where is the chef???? - mzowens, 05/15/2011

My mother took me to the Nankin whenever we went to "the city" for shopping (from Anoka). I was in junior high, so circa late 50's. We always had the subgum chow mein. Delicious. Sorry this place is no longer in existence, even tho' I have lived in Houston, Tx for the past 43 years! - Linda Barber, 04/11/2011

The first time I remember going to the Nankin was in about 1968 or so. My grandfather did all the original plumbing for the restaurant, so it had a special significance from the beginning. The atmosphere and decor was such that you really felt like you were in China. The food was always excellent, my favorite quickly became the egg foo-yung. It was always more than I could eat! And nowhere in the forty two years since then have I found anyone who makes as good as that was. If only time travel were possible. -, 08/29/2010

Nothing new can be added to all the fine memories that have been posted about the Nankin. The sad thing seems to be that not one entrepreneur has attempted to duplicate it. Just think of the mass appeal of recreating the Nankin as it was, complete with the upstairs balcony. Everyone who ever ate there called the food, decor and environment a highly memorable experience. If I had the money it would be done. - David V. LeVine, 07/18/2010

First date with my husband was a movie at the big downtown theatre (Peter Pan) and dinner at the 1st Nankin accross the street from the 2nd on 7th.That was in 1952-53. Went to the Nankin all the years b/4 they closed. The NANKIN SPECIAL CHOWMEIN #17 was my favorite and though I have tried, I never have been able to come close.Would love that receipe.My aunt worked at Farmers and Mechanics Bank and I still remember her bringing home that chowmein. I was visiting my grandparents and was able to enjoy The Nankin when I was even younger.After I was married (to the fellow that took me to the NANKIN ON THAT 1ST DATE), we continued to go there. When we moved to Northern MN we took our children there whenever we got to the cities. My husband's favorite was the sliced beef with green pepper and tomatoe. Still miss it!!!!!! - donna, 01/29/2008

I have been trying to find a chinese restaurant theat makes Sesame Chicken like yours did. NOT POSSIBLE! I have tried so many times to make it, I cant't find that special touch that makes it sticky enough. Could you please send me a recipe I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much. I am still upset that you guys aren't there anymore. Well maybe you guys moved. I moved as well. Thank you! Jordan -, 01/05/2003

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