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Original Coney Island

444 N Saint Peter
St Paul

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"Arbinetas" I believe is the correct spelling, is the family that owns this little gem of a spot. Many happy memories of the "crisp snap and delightful sauce (Not chili, no tomatoes), onions and mustard, topped with a dash of salt" In later years Harry and "mom" would work the restaurant side and a brother on the beer side. A bag of plain Old Dutch and a real coke rounded out the stop. Mom got sick and the doors never openned again. - mcoen, 02/01/2010

I remember in the 60's and maybe the 70's.My dad would take the family to Coney Island,and buy boxes of Coney's.We would go down to Hariet Island to eat.I will never forget, the times my dad would take my two younger brothers and me down town St.Paul to Coney Island and buy us two Coney's each and soda's.I mis going and seeing the older couple who made the Coney's. It's sad that they past away years ago. I also heared from my brother when he went to Coney Island to see if it was opened.A person said they remembered him. I am hoping they will find the old stile Coney Island receipe. I have been craving these Coney's for years, PLEASE OPEN!! THANK'S. Mark - Mark Johnson, 03/13/2009

I went to the Original Coney Island Restaurant 'Since 1923' with my father often, starting about 1961. I think the last time we went there together was 1972...I took my 2 children there for a 'real coney' about 1986? I was reminiscing to my young daughter & son about the times my dad took me there & about the two brothers- sons of the original owners that ran it 'now' & that the mother still worked the grill. I was about 6 the 1st time I saw her come out through a door on the east side of the room, entering the restaurant in the same manner each time I remember seeing this point I am about 30 yrs old. She would come through that door, maybe from a pantry, or prep kitchen maybe it was a stairway from an apartment above...she always appeared calm & meek. A little smile was always about to blossom on her kind face.I remember her wearing a flowery -what used to be called - a 'house dress' very neat-looking, starched & pressed, apron, hair neatly hair-netted, 'good sturdy shoes', hands folded studiously in front of her.... I was shocked to see her suddenly come through that same door again as I was pointing to a picture of her that was hanging on the wall. WOW.'Didn't look a day older than I last saw kids say my face went white as a ghost..I had to ask her her age..I believe she said 92. The Coneys were exactly the same. Meaty, Salty, mild vinegary little onions, skin on dogs with that 1st bite 'pop' and the crumbly, not too liquidy chili & of course we had to have chips with it and a bottled pop out of the old top lid, slide out cooler-with a straw...the twirly stools at the counter or the high high-back booths, the old thumb-latch door handle that was just like the one's at Candyland and the waiting room doors at the Lowry Bldg where we'd go for our Doctor's and Dentist's. The big tall ceilings, the liquor bar hidden of to the side...I drive by the all the time & I see that it is still under renovation..when will it re-open???I have a granddaughter to take there now!!! - lori, 08/17/2005

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